Beside The Pointe by Michelle Simmons
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Beside The Pointe

June 7, 2021

This photo was taken from the very first photo shoot I ever did. I was in an unlit ballet studio with my 16-year-old neice. The only light source was a small window on the other side of the studio. Being my first shoot, I hardly knew what I was doing, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons. After taking about 30 shots of her at the ballet bar in front of the mirror, I realized that my reflection was in every shot! It’s amazing what you don’t see while you’re looking through the lens! We then moved away from the mirror to a dark part of the studio! I named it “Beside The Pointe” because she her head was directly beside her pointe shoes.

Apple iPhone 7
3.99mm · f/1.8 · 1/15s · ISO 50
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David Thomas's picture

I don't know how this would look in color but it looks amazing in black and white. I love the way your mind composes images. I have seen a few of yours.

Michelle Simmons's picture

Thank you so much David. That means a lot.