Honest by Noel Edling
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Soo, as usual this wasn't the idea I had in mind when I went out on a photo mission today..

Started out great, we had a really cool and funky idea planned out, set everything up and headed to the location, blizzard struck and our stomachs were roaming for food, screw it we said, we'll get it another day and went for a bite. Going up to the garage to get the car we decided to check out the light from the big softbox on the roof, aka the clouds.

Cool beans, we got some wicked light, let's get a few headshots here since we've got the gear with us, here toss this on, here do that, hold this, and viola. Portrait smashed out of the park. Does this happend to you too? I can't decide if it's a pain that this happends or not.. I mean the result is wicked, just nowhere near what was planned.

50mm · f/2 · 1/200 · ISO 1000
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Great shot!