The peak by Daniel Viñé
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The peak

July 20, 2021

Last weekend in an express getaway, I went to the French Pyrenees with the idea of seeing the Vignemale Peak.
During the walk, it was a great surprise to meet Fina Leon Quesada, Miguel Rueda, Oscar Simon and Montse Valldeperas, I accepted the invitation to join them and after having a beer at the Refuge of Oulettes, we were photographing the sunset and doing night photography, excellent company in an unbeatable environment.

The truth is that there were very few possibilities, to take close-ups, one of those days that you go back and forth without stopping, in the area of the refuge there were quite a few cottonwoods and I did not hesitate to take them in the foreground making a focus stack with the last lights on the peak.

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