Gorner Moonrise at Midnight by Corin Vilanek
Corin Vilanek's picture

Gorner Moonrise at Midnight

August 6, 2021

This huge lens flare was absolutely meant to be there, really.

Ok, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just imagined a panoramic with the moon rising over the Gorner Grat glacier and had no experience whatsoever in this matter. This is the result.

There’s certainly room for improvement but here is what fascinates me the most about this photograph/experience: At the beam on the upper right of the moon you can spot two bright „stars“ - to the left Saturn and to the right Jupiter. Further to the right you can even spot parts of the Milky Way. And under the moon, next to the glacier you can also see a small bright spot - the Monte Rosa hut. The only thing I didn’t capture that day was the comet Neowise, which also wouldn’t have been visible at the time.

(Actually I did quite like this lens flare - whole thing was taken @ 24 mm f2.8 - for the photographers among you.)

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