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The Tulip Nebula

This image of the “Tulip Nebula” took weeks of work to make, with several nights of collecting exposures with different kinds of filters to get all the different colours of the nebula.

Slightly above and to the right of the tulip nebula you can see an arc created by the effects a black hole “Cygnus X-1” is having on a nearby star. A black hole believed to be about 21 times the mass of the sun, but only about 50-300km wide.

Total exposure: 37.5 hours

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Sounds like way too much work!

5 stars!

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All part of the hobby I guess!

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Fantastic image!, what telescope you use for this?

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Thanks! I used 2 different ones.
the - Skywatcher Esprit 80ED
and the - William optics Redcat 51

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Been looking at the skywatcher 72ED and 80EDS myself! would like them for visual also however, how'd you find them?