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The Phantom of The Opera

February 16, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, i had the chance to be introduced to a team of "free-runners" via a mutual friend. This friend showed me many videos of these incredible athletes many times before i actually meet them so you can imagine how excited i was having them under the hand! Most of them were heading back to their hometown on the same day, but two of them would stay overnight because their car was getting a quick fix at a local garage... I asked them if they'd like to try a photoshoot with some flour and a couple of flashguns and they simply smiled back! i couldn't be happier and i quickly went to the closest store to buy some flour, prepared my gear and figured out which location would do. I then called two friends out to assist me (holding a flash and covering the athletes with flour!) and we went to the spots. i spent the first 30 mn setting up the lights and camera while they were warming up and then i just clicked their incredible moves and tricks! On this photo there ware some distracting shadows on the ground due to the flash firing behind the subject that i ve had to get rid of in photoshop by compositing with other images from the same serie.

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Nice capture here. I suggest cropping more to zoom on the subject.

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