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Drowning In Grief

February 26, 2015

“In Between”This body of work is un-romanticized, empty, and gritty, which provokes a kind of loneliness and remorse. It represents and captures human emotions emphasising grief, sorrow, violence, anger, remorse, and regrets. This series consists of carefully selected and constructed fine art portraits which depict characters form military and religious backgrounds. Exploring two strongly contradictory themes of the War and Religion; reflecting my personal attitude, concerns and memories.Ultimately it represents and engages with the controversial and complex relationship between War and Religion. It deals with powerful binary oppositions, constantly comparing and contradicting underlying connection of life and death, peace and violence.Above all these photographs are ambiguous, fictional and surreal, depicting fragile human emotions, inviting the viewer for a deeper, more personal and intimate interpretation.

Mamiya 645AFD
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Absolutely stunning!

Felix Hernandez's picture

I love the image and the concept!... both are powerful!... Congrats mate.

Justin Goodson's picture

Full of emotion. In contrast to the other images in your portfolio, I like how in this photo the black makeup is applied only partially to the hands, making me feel like there can be an escape from grief, sorrow, etc. -- but simultaneously communicating the all-encompassing nature of such emotions. Great work!

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Very strong and powerful shot. Great work!!

Eduards Zande's picture

Thank you all for kind comments!