Walk by Panagiotis Filippou
March 26, 2015

Its one of these times that you can’t go really far away to get a shot and as many times as you spin the globe in google earth and stop it by random click to see what landscape, seascape or anything comes up to get inspiration, it still has fallen far away from where you live… the impossible voice again welcomes you….

Nevertheless as the song says
"Gotta slow up, gotta shake this high
Gotta take a minute just to ease my mind
'Cause if I don't walk then I'll get caught out
And I'll be falling all the way down”

So I pick up the car, I drive to the end of the road by the last possible coastline and then I grab my camera and walk…. walk… walk… on the rocky seaside…..till I know that I reached so far away that I have only 10minutes to shoot and the equivalent time to go back before is completely dark….

This takes me to the level of being aware that I have only 10 maximum 12 minutes to find something good, compose it in my viewfinder, setup my tripod, my filter and 4-5minutes to expose it. 1 maybe 2 possible frames. Thats it… this is when I know that I have shot a good shot without looking at the exif, just by looking at the preview image in the camera. Quickly pack up and walk walk walk walk 8-10 kilometres back to the car.

This frame is exactly an ambassador of such a walk. The moment I saw in distant the white small dot in the sea I knew it wasn’t light but it was definitely a lighthouse.. Well… WRONG… maybe actually RIGHT… It WAS a lighthouse but not the kind of the one that guides the ships… The one that guides people’s souls…

It was the God’s lighthouse built on a rock in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the sea, inaccessible from all around. Someone would wonder “whats the point of a chapel in the middle of the sea on a rock just enough to accommodate it”?

Well thats what was on my mind walking backwards to my car for the next 40minutes…. The hike was endless on my way there and fast on the way back due to these thoughts.

Greece is a place full of white (sun), blue (sea) and of course pistis (Faith in God) Churches, chapels, God’s houses…. People have built chapels "in memory of”, cause miraculous icons have been found there, and many many other reasons.. so my answer was there… You would wonder which one was?

Its simple… I am in Greece.. thats a very good reason why. Simple as it sounds.

In the end of my walk it was exactly the same reason that takes me out there everytime, got to walk to ease my mind, find my pistis in me and myself and be exactly as far as possible not to get lured by the material temptations of everyday that make most of people lose their selves.

And pistis did I find…

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