Elastic Perspective by Panagiotis Filippou
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Elastic Perspective

March 26, 2015

How much can you guarantee that your eyes can see and what you see is really what it actually is?

Is it all a matter of perspective? A matter of point of view or even a matter of who’s view and with what background in his mind’s db is really viewing it?

Sounds kinda funny when we try to “get into someone else’s shoes” aint it? Have you ever wore a night vision camera and tried to navigate in all b&w? Or in blue vision? Did you really feel like a cat or dog? Or even ever needed to crawl as it was the only way out of a situation? Felt the earth in your body scratching you but you became instantly so close and friendly with this award scratching feeling as you knew that it was your only way out? Funny aint it?

Have you ever threw away your shoes and felt the hot sand of Sahara or the cold earth of Nordic country? Did you really think that you are just wasting your senses in the so nice and protected “routine” of yours that really (you think) fits your needs?

Such as was that day when I did really (although cold) threw away everything and kneed down to earth just to see what this seagull was seeing beside this piece of wood and staring it for a long time and didn’t even got bothered by my presence…

You lie down on the beach with your camera so gently that you don’t scare anything around you and you start crawling and mentally taking frames till the point that you invade its privacy and flies away… If you are lucky you get also some amazing frames of it (will be posted later this year) and then you are at the space he was before you…

You don’t want to get up … you think you got nothing to shoot and that was the only interesting thing… nope .. you are mistaken….. your camera plays with the focus aint sure what you are aiming to… Nothing is in focus and YET everything is so clear… blurry but clear if you know what i mean..

This is what my dad used to call “elastic perspective”… everything is relevant and everything is correct depending the situation and the objective…. So its all a mater of elastic perspective…. You see what you really want to see and you discard what you really want to “avoid”…… Just make sure you are not trapped in the cycle of questioning… in the labyrinth of what should be the right answer to the question.. there is no right answer if the question is wrong.. there is always an answer to each question and a solution to a problem otherwise it wouldnt be either a question or a problem… yes there is no doubt … even if this means that its not a satisfactory one….

See my elastic perspective?

Till we meed Dad...

16mm · f/4.0 · 1/400s · ISO 64
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