I am sitting on the moon by Panagiotis Filippou
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I am sitting on the moon

March 26, 2015

Finally the day that I can publish one of the most favourite photos! This special day for me … I was keeping this photo for this day to come…

So you are there in the very same field that you were “chasing the sun” (previous photo) and you are also playing hide and seek with him and the light holding your camera mounted on the tripod jumping around behind the hay rolls… Just a few meters away from the highway and the cars slowing down and watching the adult-kid as if they were watching an alien :)

Ever since I can remember my old grandpa, and his wise words… “panouli my son… when you will be able to do whatever you love without being affected by what people say see or do as if you were sitting on the moon, then you will be truly happy”… It all came to me and fall into place that very same day …

I was in Greece, and fighting with all the everyday small battles at that period what did I have to lose? Dignity? nope… and many more nope…. Yet I was about to lose one of the most happiest moments of creativity in a remote place that would definitely be transformed in a few days and would stop literally exist as I was seeing it!

Take some photos only? No…… whats the fun on this? No way! Play with the place!!! YES! Thats the fun!!! Play along with the light … it moves… YOU move! It tries to hide…. You seek it!! It hugs the clouds… You penetrate them with your lens! It shines….. GO HIDE behind the hay! shoot many frames play with it enjoy it.. dont stop….. dont be shy..

After all.. the GOLDEN time was there the sun was going down you were there you were alone and you had the whole game field in your disposal!!!!

Whats the difference between sitting on the Moon and being on Earth? None! Simply you have to make it your Moon! Be able to see the things through a different perspective and master the art of “ignoring the unwanted” so Did I…….

At one moment just before the sun goes down at the level of the horizon … 2-3 minutes before you could see it…. at that moment I was truly filled up with energy and satisfaction of being there… I forgot completely what was I going through at that very same day… all the bad things were left on the Earth for those moments…. Finally… some “own” time….. no mobiles no thoughts no calls no talk no chat no worries… just you above all the surroundings….. You the Sun and the field…. and your camera …….You know its going down and you know you have a last chance to shoot.. so you do your best you take 2-3 exposures and you know you can blend it afterwards…… you close your eyes, you click preview just a few second after the sun went down and you wish for the best as you know this was your last chance for such a scenery to be yours again… ever… knowing also you are leaving Greece soon…. preview is ON and you open your eyes…. never expected it!!! SO that was the frame I was keeping for this special day…. As they say some of the best things in life are not tagged checked in or published the moment they take place or happen…. they are left untold unsaid hidden till the right moment….. and of course after their time has come to an end :)

So long Dad… this is for you, thank you for making me be there at that day :) Till we meet I ll be sitting on the moon ...

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