Imperfect - Scene 10: 'Beautiful End' by Adrian Farr
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Imperfect - Scene 10: 'Beautiful End'

April 7, 2015

Full 'Imperfect' story can be viewed here:

It had taken many years for Emily to achieve her goal of freedom and to seek revenge on her maker, using the bonds that had imprisoned her for so long to destroy the very person that created her. Although despite her newfound freedom and her achievement of revenge, Emily was still compelled to stay at the side of her previous ruler, as she knew how to do nothing else. It was after all, her very reason for existing.

The thing I love most about this picture is the ironic captivation that the Dollmaker still holds over Emily, despite being free to live her life however she pleases. I wanted to create a sinister final scene where the Dollmaker was strung up in a noose made from the very bonds that kept Emily prisoner, taking us back to the very first scene in the story, but darker now. Yet I wanted to still show a subtle hint of beauty in the fact that Emily was now the one in need of companionship and wanted to stay with her maker. I left this story with a deliberate open ending so Emily's future could be left open to speculation.

For me this image symbolises my own journey and future as a full-time storyteller. For so long I was held captive by the chains of the corporate world and the security blanket of having a regular guaranteed income, craving a life of independence where I could be my own boss and make my own decisions. In my photography I felt restrained and held back because I had to create what was expected of me. But now, free to do as I will, with the world as my playground, the fear and realisation of being on your own as a self-employed artist sinks in. When you take control of your own life, there is no one there to guide you anymore, no one to tell you what to do. The fear of failure grips you and like Emily, you try to hold onto whatever you can as you venture into the unknown.

Photography - Adrian Farr (
Client - Norwich Fashion Week (
Magazine - Dark Beauty (
Filming - James Clayden (
Music - Magic Panda ( and Keith Macleod
Modeling - Eleanor Davis (Dollmaker) and Eleanor Harris @ Sandra Reynolds Agency (
Styling - Abi Gray (
Hair - Missy Vintage (
Makeup - Patrice Art Of Makeup (
Assisting - Amy Beven, Katie Bradford and Sam Blackburn
Clothing - The Rock Collection Norwich (
Headpieces - Betsy Hatter Millinery (
Shoes - Imelda's Shoe Boutique (
Props - Looses Emporium (
Location - Fishley Hall (
Transit - Jamie's Jobs (

28mm · f/9.0 · 1/160s · ISO 800
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