Fine Feather by Quentin Decaillet
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Fine Feather

One of my goal for 2015 is to travel more: meet new people, visit new places, shoot things I haven't shot yet… Pursuing this goal I went to Paris this spring and had the chance to spend some time with Felix Barjou ( and his girlfriend, Morgane. Turned out Morgane is a model!
Despite not having much gear with me in Paris, we managed to pull out a shot that is quite different from what I had in my portfolio before then.
I shot this using my Profoto B1 modeling light (main) and the two bed lights (fill). Being 5'6" made it a challenge to shoot from above… I had to stand on a chair and shoot at arm length in live view mode. In post came the time to correct the distortion of the wide angle (16-35@21), correct the perspective (hard to keep the camera perfectly straight at arm length) and composite in the feathers.

Model: Morgan –
Photography & Retouching: Quentin Décaillet

21mm · f/2.8 · 1/125s · ISO 2000
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really well done, very creative

Jonathan M. Hethey's picture

Looks amazing, both comp, pose and the editing is nice!

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