NY actress, Delaney by Christian Webb
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NY actress, Delaney


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Lee Morris's picture

Love your blue backgrounds. I knew you shot this before I clicked on it.

Christian Webb's picture

Hey Lee! Thanks man. Very, very much appreciated.

shotie blackmore's picture

nice colors and lighr !

Christian Webb's picture

"Thanks man!"

JAZZMAN 8's picture

Great colour throughout. The blue-orange tones are great. Nicely framed.

Christian Webb's picture

Thank you Jazzman!

Doc Pixel's picture

I see Peter Hurley either a) slamming a Shebang into the table, or b) going "WTH? I gotta step up my game!"

Great work across all of your portraits!

Christian Webb's picture

Wow! Okay, I'll take that! Thanks so much man. Really appreciated.

Rex Larsen's picture

Great portraits, and not a single Hurley squinch.

Christian Webb's picture

Lol. Thanks Rex! I love the eye squinch thing....I just don't always have my subjects doing it.

Henry Canyons's picture

The consistency of your work is impressive.