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Standing In Awe

I set out to capture some meteors during the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower and proceeded to witness more meteors than I have ever seen cumulatively.

Specifically I wanted to get a photo of myself with the Milky Way and a meteor overhead. So I setup my composition, slid my shutter release into the lock position and let my camera begin to fire. What you see here is a single frame, of the largest and brightest meteor I have ever witnessed, streaking above my silhouette.

No manipulation has been done to the size or color of the meteor. This thing was just that big and awesome.

35 · f/1.4 · 15 Seconds · ISO 6400
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The composition is nice, the huge perseid is awesome, the human for scale is a nice touch, the milky way seems to be very well captured ( looks like a pretty dark location ).

What's lacking a little bit at least is the post processing.
You can do much better, doing the photo much more justice while you're at it.

The sky for example needs to be darkened, the stars brightened, the milky way needs local contrast adjustments, and some better noise reduction process.

I'm just giving you my honest and absolutely friendly critique, you've got everything needed for the very high quality image success story, you just need to spend more time on post-processing ( if you're not sure how to handle the milky way and the sky processing check a few videos on youtube or just ask here ;) ).

I'm waiting for a "fixed" version which will definitely deserve a 4-5 star rating and certainly a photo of the day award :)

you can do it!

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Hello Bill,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your critique, I truly appreciate it, and I am sorry I am just seeing this commentary. I have done a few re-edits on this photograph since originally sharing it and am happy with the "final" version of the photograph. Thanks again, and maybe I'll get around to re-uploading it. Can I just replace this image? I'm pretty new around here. Thanks