Fashion couple on the beach by Lee Morris
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Fashion couple on the beach

A few years into my photography I got really into fashion photography. I took a bunch of pictures of a 6 month period of time with local models.

52mm · f/9.0 · 1/250s
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This new site is kickass, and great photo! :)

Vrijnesh Soomaroo's picture

This photo is awesome dude

Tam Nguyen's picture

Can I model for you?

Lee Morris's picture

If you wear a red dress

Jesse Rinka's picture

This image is extremely well done. Composition is on point, lighting is perfect, pose is natural. Well done.

Clay Cook's picture

Huge fan of this!

Percy Ortiz's picture

It is a great image but I am somehow troubled by the patch of light on his stomach and that little strand of hair across her face. Is it my modern brain-washed "clean it in post" mentality or does anyone else feel the same? the hair i probably can see as part of the hair movement but I would have turned the couple a little bit more away from the light to avoid that patch of light and thin the rim light on her arm a bit… but hey that's my personal preference, what do i know right? it's not like I'm Lee Morris or anything :P

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Amazing lighting!

Anonymous's picture

Same as the beer bottle you shot, Tasty!

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I like the lighting here..the hair in the face makes the photo much better

Damian Piórko's picture

good work

Damian Piórko's picture

good work Lee

Daniel Venter's picture

Awesome couple Lee!

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Very cute! Hi, Lee.