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Tiramisu waffles with tiramisu ice cream

4 portions

For the waffle batter
150g skyr
100g mascarpone
200g flour
1 egg
100ml almond milk
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tbsp. honey
2 tbsp. Disaronno

For the tiramisu ice cream
150g skyr
150g mascarpone
3 tbsp. Disaronno
2 tbsp. instant espresso
3 tbsp. water

For plating up
4 espresso’s (to make affogato)
some roasted almonds
thick balsamic vinegar (reduction)

Let’s start with the ice cream. In a bowl mix the ingredients for the tiramisu cream. I prefer to use a mixer to add some extra lightness to the mixture. Set in a tin in the freezer for about 4 hours before serving or prepare it a day in advance. Tip: the lower your mixture in the tin the quicker it will freeze.

For the waffles just mix all the ingredients together until combined. Heat up your waffle iron and bake a generous tablespoon of mixture for one waffle. Keep them warm while baking in a preheated oven at 50℃.

It’s time for plating up. Do the waffles first so you can immediately serve the waffles with the affogato. Place two waffles on a plate, top of with a scoop of ice cream and add the roasted almonds and the balsamic vinegar on top. For the affogato put 4 espresso’s in a flagon and get 4 glasses out. Place one scoop in the glass and just before serving at the espresso on top. Serve immediately and enjoy.

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Lighting is good, but i am not sure if it is the image you up loaded or what but i dont see any thing sharp/in focus.

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Thanks for your comment. I focused on the ice cream in this one to create a more dreamy effect with the overall image.But I do agree the uplaoded image looks less sharp then the one I have on my desktop. Might be the upload.