Hassayampa Inn Elevator by Aaron Kes
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Hassayampa Inn Elevator

October 15, 2015

I arrived at the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott the day before the wedding. It was such a cool old building and it gave me a ton of ideas. Right away I saw this still working 1920's elevator and I knew I wanted to use it. The lighting inside was pretty bad and the lobby around it didn't add to the photo at all. So, I decided to have my assistant crouch down behind them with my radio flash and bump some light into the elevator while they kissed. I love how it turned out in black and white and all.

Canon 50mm 1.4
ISO 100
f 5.6
Flash power at 1/4

50mm · f/5.6 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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