The Streets of Papigko by Bill Peppas
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The Streets of Papigko

October 20, 2015

The Streets of Papigko by

Whether you are looking for a photography trip or laid-back vacations ( or better yet, a mix of the two! ), Papigo and the greater Zagorohoria region of Epirus is a destination YOU MUST visit at least once in your lifetime!

Papingo and the Zagorohoria region in general offer a lot of material and interesting views for both street & landscape photography ( wildlife photographers will have fun too! ).
Surrounded by green valleys & mountains with alpine lakes and beautiful purple and yellow wildflowers called "Crocus".

The alpine lakes, especially the "DragonLake" at 2100m altitude are a dream destination for landscape photographers, if you love landscape photography, YOU REALLY HAVE to join one of our photography trips on !

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Your location/travel shots (I'm not sure what the correct term is) are magnificent. You give a sense of place superbly, Bill.

Again, I love the way you control exposure.