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Be Kind, Please Rewind.

This is a personal piece I made as an artistic statement about our culture's addiction to entertainment and how it can be deadly to real relationships. The models are a couple of my friends and the set was pieced together from found objects, including the TV, Nintendo and several movies from my childhood.

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This is amazing!

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Thanks Sabine - glad you enjoy it :)

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Really cool, love the creativity in this. Bravo.

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Congratulations on "Photo of The Day"! Really cool shot.

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Thank you Philip!

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Great photo Dan.

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This photo is amazing, it tells a story that a lot of people are afraid to tell.

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There's a lot of self-reflection in this. It's a big issue with my generation for sure and I'm glad it resonates with you - thanks for the comment.

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Very clever idea, and well executed. Thanks for showing it to us.

Have Fun,

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Thanks Jeff!

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Nice compositing. Well done!

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Cheers Jason!

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now THIS is art!!!!