Absolut Electik by Tim Ireland
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Absolut Electik

October 29, 2015

They call it Absolute Electrik. Pretty killer mirror finish bottle in both blue and silver. I opted for the blue to play with the lighting more. To achieve the look I wanted, I used two narrow rectangle soft boxes placed almost behind the bottle and angled towards the camera. Both lights were behind large pieces of Rosco Cinegel #3026 paper that was perpendicular to the camera lens field to further diffuse the light and create a light-to-dark gradient on the bottle to give the sense of wrapping light around the bottle. Black V-Flats blocked any spill on the backdrop and created the hard black lines on the sides of the bottle. To make the label pop, I used both a snoot and compositing with a bit of post-production clean up to be sure things were crystal clear and clean. The surface I shot this and the second shot was a black piece of Lexan. For the background light, I used a 7″ reflector with a 10deg honeycomb and a blue filter pointed away from the camera at a white wall. I adjusted the distance and angle just enough to give those unique Absolut bottle shoulders a bit of extra pop. All-in this 4 light, 2 shot composite. gave me this unique, yet iconic Absolut image.

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Carlos Teixeira's picture

Great work, and thanks for explaining your process, really informative.

Kaleb McCubbins's picture

Wow love this. Nice color choices!