Walking in the Wild by Mike Macdonald
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Walking in the Wild

A small group of us went hiking in Wales for a fun camping weekend. Eveytime I go to wales I take my camera and often love taking one light with me as well (An elinchrom elb400).
It was part the way through the morning and we had been hiking for about 4 hours and it hadn't stopped raining since we started. Much to the mild irritation of friends (and wife) as I saw this beautiful view (and the hammering rain) I asked if we could stop and take a few photos. We set up all the gear keeping it as dry as possible (one Elinchrom ELB400 and a 70cm Octa). I was trying out the new Skyport +HS (with no experience of using hypersync).
We shot for a couple minutes before thinking we should move on!
Really loved the moodiness of this shot. The use of flash is subtle (which is a first for me). I really want to get better at blending flash with ambient rather than just taking out all ambient!
The hypersync let me shoot at f/1.8 on a 50mm which I've never been able to do before!

50mm - 1/1250th - f/1.8 - ISO100.

50mm · f/1.8 · 1/1250s · ISO 100
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