5+ Quick Photoshop Tips You Might Not Know

I probably won’t ever be, or pretend to be, an expert at Adobe Photoshop; I spend so little time in it, using Lightroom for 90% of what I do, that I just don’t take the time in the program to figure out all of the little tricks that would be useful. In this great video, you’ll learn a new tip every couple of minutes that could really help out your photography and up your Photoshop game.

In this video from photoshopCAFE, you’ll learn five tips (plus a few extras) that might save you time and energy when editing your images. I knew exactly zero of them, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I'm betting you didn't know at least one of them either. You’ll learn about accessing Adobe Stock within Photoshop, hidden commands using blur filters, using the history brush to paint on sections from your original image, accessing a secret “super color picker,” and even how to get back the old “refine edge” tool in Photoshop CC. Worth the 10-minute watch if you have the time. He cuts right to the chase, doesn't insert too much chitter-chatter, and you'll walk away feeling like you learned something. 

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Thanks for sharing!

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Great tips! I knew none of them. Would the first tip be a replacement for your technique of applying a low-opacity Gaussian blur to a background copy in overlay mode as you have taught as a final polish for images?