Khloe Kardashian Called Out for Photoshop Fail That Gave Her an Extra Toe

Celebrities are often known for excessively Photoshopping their images, often to the point that they become almost unrecognizable from the real person. That occasionally leads to some ridiculous fails, like this case, in which a Kardashian gained an extra toe she doesn't actually have.

Fans noticed something awry in an image recently posted by Khloe Kardashian on her Instagram, in which her legs seem abnormally long, but even more bizarrely, in which she seems to have gained a sixth toe on her right foot. 

Looking at previous photos, it is clear that this is some sort of editing mistake and not an actual anatomical variant on Kardashian's foot. Personally, I am not one for putting more scrutiny on people already under a lot of scrutiny in the public eye for no reason, but what bothers me about the use of Photoshop and other editing apps in popular culture are just how insanely far things get pushed and the extraordinarily unrealistic standards they portray that have detrimental effects on many people's self-image, particularly young and impressionable viewers. 

Lead image used under Creative Commons: © Glenn Francis,

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Philipp Pley's picture

The two photos of her look nothing alike, I would never guess that they are the same person.

Pedro Pulido's picture

i have only one thing to say : hahahaha! hilarious!

Carlos Martinelli's picture

What if she ACTUALLY has an extra toe and they just forgot to remove it? Just sayin.

Jim Tincher's picture

I really don't care what any Kardashian does...
Knowing they are publicity hounds (was going to use a different term) it could be they did this intentionally so as to have something to put/keep them in the celebrity pages.

Alex Cooke's picture

Wouldn't surprise me.

Philip Bloom's picture

The long legged thing is a “cool trend” right now from using wide angle lenses which certainly looks the case given her feet are bigger than her head!

Jim Photoman's picture

okay, she has six toes, but are her legs REALLY that skinny and long? I know that using a wide angle lens can make them look long. But malnourished skinny too?