Photoshop Power Tips to Take Better Control of Your Images

Photoshop is a deeply powerful and complex program, and it is easy to overlook certain capabilities or inadvertently do things less efficiently than you could. This awesome video tutorial features a seasoned Photoshop educator showing a variety of power tips that are sure to expand your capabilities, make your workflow more efficient, and improve the quality of your images. 

Coming to you from Jesús Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel, this great video tutorial will show you some impressive power tips for getting more out of Photoshop. By far, my favorite is using the Neural filters to remove complex, non-uniform color casts. It is certainly a clever use for the filter, but I think it really shows off the ever-evolving power of the program's Neural filters. Adobe added Neural filters a few versions back, as they compete with the AI features of other programs, such as those from Luminar, and they continue to evolve and improve as they gain more and more data and refine themselves, making them potentially powerful tools both for creative editing and for saving a decent amount of time in your workflow. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Ramirez. 

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James Kingsbury's picture

Please post the article not just video. I can read 2-3 times faster than video, i can more easily reread to understand and i can read in public area where video is inappropriate.

Jay Harper's picture

I totally agree. The reason I'm not on you tube is because I'm in a position to read (quietly sometimes) and not watch a video. I also prefer to reference points in an article repeatedly, and this is more difficult in video.