Playing With Time: Blending in Photoshop Tutorial

With the post-processing power of Photoshop, there are some incredibly creative ways to process digital photographs to create incredibly beautiful results. In this realm of the powerful program by Adobe, exposure blending is not necessarily a new technique these days, but there are always different ways to use the techniques to create visually pleasing and even surreal imagery and this processing tutorial plays with the concept of time and exposure blending. 

Why, do you ask, would you want to blend exposures in the first place? Right now there just isn't a sensor powerful enough to take in any scene you point it at, capture it to perfection with no over or underexposed areas, and kick it back to you just exactly as you saw it in person. Exposure blending, whether done manually, or with HDR processing, or with luminosity masks, or any other technique you prefer, is simply taking the digital medium and using it to maximize the dynamic range to the point where the images is a more accurate representation of what you actually saw in person.

Now, to add a little bit more fun to the equation, Michael Breitung walks us through his techniques as he uses images taken at different times of day and combines them to create a beautifully intriguing final image. This type of shot takes patience both on location and in processing, but the results definitely speak for themselves.

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Haha, i was really surprised to see my home town on fstoppers :D