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Watch How This Landscape Photographer Edits a Photo by a Light-Painting Visual Artist

There are a lot of "edit-my-photo" type challenges going around because of restrictions on movement, but this one takes it to another level. Not only are the creators considered leaders in their respective fields, but the Photoshop editing workflow in this video is quite illuminating for anyone looking to learn how to utilize luminosity masks.

In this video, landscape photographer and photo educator Sean Bagshaw uses his techniques and visual eye to edit a typically magical raw photo from light-painting visual artist Eric Paré and his talented partner in creative crime, professional dancer Kim Henry. Paré and Henry have been creating ethereal light-painted environmental landscape portraits for years now, and their work has been exhibited, featured, and shared all over the world. They explain how they created the shot in this video, here

While Paré has a deft hand at editing himself — his color grading is superb — Bagshaw is absolutely no slouch in the editing department, so it's interesting to see how he treats the image. What is most intriguing to me is how he uses luminosity masks to create separate zones that can be edited independently. It's something I do myself; however, I still picked up a few things that will speed up my workflow. Bagshaw is affiliated with Tony Kuyper's TK Action Panel, so that's what he's using here, but there are a number of panels on the market that will get similar results. If you don't want to invest in a panel, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube describing how to create your own luminosity masks.

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