5 Common Business Portrait Mistakes

Business portraits live in their own world distinct from normal portraits, and they have their own considerations and techniques you should be aware of before you set out on a shoot. This helpful video tutorial discusses five common business portrait mistakes photographers make and how to either fix them or avoid them altogether. 

Coming to you from Karl Taylor, this great video tutorial discusses five common business portrait mistakes and what you can do to fix or avoid them. One Taylor mentions that I see particularly often is not making the subject the "hero" of the frame. Unlike a more straightforward studio portrait, business portraits are often more environmental in nature, meant to give some context around the subject and to show them in their natural professional habitat. This requires a delicate balance, however, as you want to get enough into the shot to give adequate context around your subject and to create visual interest, but you do not want so much packed in there or things arranged in a way that it begins to compete with or even overshadow your subject. Often, it just takes a bit of the right editing to bring things back into balance, but be sure to think about this before you take the shot as well. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Taylor. 

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