How To Set up the Sony a7 III Eye Autofocus

If you have never experienced how cool Sony’s eye autofocus feature is, then you need to check this out. Once it is enabled, you will find when you are photographing people, you will rarely miss a shot because of missed autofocus.

Some Sony users like to use eye autofocus in single AF mode, but I suggest that you should use it in continuous autofocus mode by keeping the AF-ON button depressed. In this article I will walk you through how to set up your Sony a7 III menus so that you can test them out for yourself.

When your camera is set to continuous autofocus, you have the choice of setting the shutter priority release to autofocus or balanced emphasis. When you have it set to autofocus priority the shutter, will not release until accurate focus is achieved.

You should also set the autofocus sensitivity to responsive and make sure you have eye detect and face set to on. The reason for having face detect on is if your subject is moving quickly and your camera loses focus on your subject's eye, your camera will switch to face detect, which also does an excellent job.

Once you have these settings enabled, choose a custom button for the eye autofocus feature. You can use any button you wish, but I suggest using either AF-ON or AEL, which are both on the back of the camera. Once you have chosen your custom button, all you have to do is keep the button depressed and it will track a moving subject's eye.

If you have ever tried to track a portrait subject with a single autofocus point on other camera brands, then you know hard it is to track someone's eye with accuracy the same way that you can with Sony's eye autofocus feature. Try these settings out, and let me know in the comment section below how they work out for you.

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Craig Beckta's picture

You are welcome Andrew.

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

The eyeaf feature is indeed amazing! I rented some weeks ago a Sony A7r3 for a studio shoot and it actually made things to easy. I was really amazed, also battery life... I don't own a Sony, but man they really improved compared to v2, amazing battery, and that eyeaf for studio is incredible.

Craig Beckta's picture

Yes, I own the Nikon D850 but when I tried out the Sony A7 III at Photo Plus, I had to pick one up. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of Sony cameras until I tested out the eye autofocus on the Sony A7 III and the A7R 3.

Navi Retlav's picture

BONUS TIP: Make sure you are using AUTO or correct (for the face) WHITE BALANCE. I found that if the face is way too blue or too red the EYE AF doesn't work in my A 7RII. I'm not sure if they fixed that on III series.

Dirk Valcke's picture

Needed video. A buddy of mine has an A7RII (bought it when it came out) and did not even know about the feature until i showed him last week. I have an A7III so, i was about to show him. He was amazed!

Geoff Wilkings's picture

Craig, is it possible to have the eye tracking during video/movie shooting at 1080 120/100bit ? I cannot seem to get auto eye tracking working. If so, can you suggest the setting required. Thank you Geoff