The Life of a President - BTS Pictures of George W. Bush

When I imagine the president of the United States, what comes to mind first is the campaign trail and all the national decisions he's involved with. It's hard to picture what the day to day of the presidential life brings. This collection of pictures of former president George W. Bush does a fantastic job of capturing the in between moments that show how normal presidents are.

George W. Bush BTS-1-1George W. Bush BTS-1-2George W. Bush BTS-1-3George W. Bush BTS-1-4George W. Bush BTS-1-5George W. Bush BTS-1-6George W. Bush BTS-1-7George W. Bush BTS-1-8George W. Bush BTS-1-9George W. Bush BTS-1-10George W. Bush BTS-1-11George W. Bush BTS-1-12George W. Bush BTS-1-13George W. Bush BTS-1-14George W. Bush BTS-1-15George W. Bush BTS-1-16George W. Bush BTS-1-17George W. Bush BTS-1-18George W. Bush BTS-1-19George W. Bush BTS-1-20George W. Bush BTS-1-21George W. Bush BTS-1-22George W. Bush BTS-1-23George W. Bush BTS-1-24George W. Bush BTS-1-25

Photos copyright - Eric Draper.

[via Time Lightbox]

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Andrew Griswold's picture

Now the big questions is what meme of George W. were they laughing at?

M K's picture

The one where the teleprompter reads "on my orders, the united states military has begun..." kinda gave me chills...

Todd Douglas's picture

Looks like that would be a fun photography job. There are a few shots in there of George W that really are excellent shots. Interesting find!

Anthony N's picture

4th picture. Do the buttons simply adjust the chair? Or is it more James Bond than that?

Attila Volgyi's picture

It is always sad to see such great photos without any source or credit.

joseph minardi's picture

Photo credit: Eric Draper.
Source: Time Magazine's Lightbox blog.
Subject: George W. Bush, a president of grave dignity and profound intellect.
Aka: playing with his dogs (as inspiration for later paintings), goofing off (probably drunk), and riding his tricycle on White House carpeting.

Mr Blah's picture

"profound intellect" made me chuckle...

thanks for the laugh

Robert Nix's picture

Yea, amazing, isn't it?! Wow! Imagine, a President who actually has fun on HIS dime, instead of the idiot now who takes a vacation every time the wind blows and throws a party every time he has to urinate, on our dime! Yep, ol' George - 500 times the man that Obama will ever be!!!

joseph minardi's picture

Trolling -- you're doing it wrong, my friend.

Here, let me help you:

Bruno Inácio's picture

Great pictures!

John_Skinner's picture

I never thought I would see pictures that made this guy look even sillier than he looked on TV.

Good photos, silly silly man.

Robert Nix's picture

Nah, not silly at all - greatest President of our time! Want to talk silly? How about childish? That's the man that's in there now - complete and utter incompetence!

Mark Robinson's picture

I'm not so sure that Obama is incompetent. I fear that he is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. Who would ever thought that bringing down the world's sole remaining super power would be so simple and so sudden . . .

Tyler Tomaszkiewicz's picture

Yeah I know that monkey in those pictures sure proved to be more intelligent than her appeared.

Tyler Tomaszkiewicz's picture

Yes he was the greatest at taking away our rights, tanking our economy, and catching Osama Bin Laden. Oh wait that last one was Obama my bad Bush just wasted so much time on that second war I almost forgot he didn't do that. Lets not forget the tourter of PoW's that happened by the private security firm Bush hired. I probably could go on about all the crap he did but I'm not sure it is necessary.

Obama caught Bin Laden (within his first term no less). Has started the economic recover which will probably take another 30 years assuming we don't have Jeb Bush in the White House.

Douglas Sonders's picture


Jason's picture

interesting, everything is wide angle, 24-35 range?

Raul Moreno Jr.'s picture

This is called photojournalism. ;]

Norm Cooper's picture

that last shot.. "Hey Bill, we renamed that little room over there... The Lewinski"

Simon's picture

I miss Dubya.. :(

Spy Black's picture

I miss Bubba...

Tyler Tomaszkiewicz's picture

I like having my freedom of speech back.

Sophie-Laurence Roy's picture

Fine choice of great pictures

soniadelvalle's picture

I see lots of old white priviledge.

me's picture

Why do you have to bring color into this and then make it synonymous with something evil? Sounds a bit racist. Or are white people the only ones you think are capable of racism? The current president is both white and black and I hear about him playing golf and tweeting more than anything else.

Mark Robinson's picture


Tony's picture

How is that Sonia? Expound please.

Tony's picture

Great photos. Behind the scene views show what we don't normally see. Think what you will of his policies, I still like the guy.

WDW Photo Club's picture

I wish the photos included some info for context and a date.
Nice post FS, thanks

Joe Philipson's picture

Some great photographs in here.

Sergio Ortiz's picture

how do they get some of those indoor shots lit up so well? like the one of W and Laura Bush tidying up the Oval Office? do you suppose that's all natural light?