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Mark Peterman: A Conversation With An Editorial Photographer

In this video from AdoramaTv, Mark Wallace sits down with Mark Peterman to discuss camera gear, location scouting, lighting, and overall creative drive. Mark Peterman is an editorial and commercial photographer from Arizona who has a portfolio that is a bit tough to describe. What really draws me to Mark's work is his really simple and clean lighting, often natural, along with his use of very muted and subdued colors. I'm sure Mark's background in graphic design also plays a part in his simple and clean style.

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Theo's picture

Outstanding pictures, it would be interesting to see his workflow.

Carlo Parducho's picture

oh boy I LOVE hearing that part about the importance of personal projects

ckBren's picture

Beautiful, beautiful images. Never heard of Mark Peterman before, but hes on my radar now. Id love to hear more from him.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Great work. Excited to have a new photographer's work to follow.