The Next Generation of Fstoppers

This week we are featuring a few standout BTS videos created by our readers for the Fstoppers Behind the Scenes Contest ending this Saturday. If you want to see all of the submissions jump on over to the forum and see how the competition is shaping up. In the meantime, you have to check out what Parker Smith and his [jr]high school friends created for the contest. While the photography itself is nothing ground breaking, seeing young photographers like Luke and Trent work with other teenagers is nothing short of inspiring. It just goes to show what a little initiative and some creativity can do.

BTS - Poolside Photo Shoot from Parker Smith on Vimeo.

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Taylor Verde's picture

I really liked this video actually, I definitely think its better than quite a few of the entries. I also thought some of the photos were stunning, especially one of the shots right in the middle.
Great vid

Derek's picture

WTF is up with the audio levels...

tom's picture

I really enjoy watchin' this video. The sun-blocker aka white partytent gives me some new ideas for my next shoots.
Liked also the frontal B&W portrait in the water! That rocks!
Keep up the good work.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

It's always inspiring to see what others are doing. I like this video, I hope it is entered in the competition and if it's not, then it should be.

Michael's picture

Brilliant video, As it said in the descroption, The photography is ground breaking but that was some brilliant shot's that came out of this shoot!

arturo's picture

I LOVED this BTS video!!! gosh I feel like super lazy after seeing their work. This video hands down put my BTS entry out of the competition (granted it didn't take much effort)

Zachary Breaux's picture

Really great stuff! I wish i had gotten into photography in my high school years. Not sure I would have been able to afford such nice gear without working two jobs though...

David's picture


Had the volume cranked to hear the kid talking, then WHAM! Almost gave myself a concussion.

Andrew Williams's picture

I liked it . It's nice to see them doing their thing. As far as the audio goes they didn't have mics so that's why the dialog was so low and the music so high .

james darden's picture

Nice video but who ever mixed it needs to redo it. The levels are all over the map.

Richard's picture

I've gotta say, I'm loving all the bts vids and the site in general - but you might wanna ease up with the whole "the photography's not all that great, but the video...." stuff I've read before a few of your posts. Just seems kind of unnecessary.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah sorry, I didn't mean to sound cynical about the photography but I know a lot of our readers enjoy the super high end productions. I think Parker would admit this is pretty basic stuff but that's not the point; the point is they went out and actually did something creative and filmed it so everyone could learn. I love what these guys are doing and I have no doubt that in 5 years they will be doing really awesome work.

Adam's picture

I liked this shoot a lot. I'm the same age as these kids and shoot weddings with my dad. It was nice to see someone else my age doing something "big". I learned a bit about lighting which I really want to start experimenting with. This was something I closely related to! A winner?.. Thank you!

Matt's picture

The audio wasn't that good, but you-know, none of that matters when you produce such stunning shots.
I also thought that it was good how he showed the little softboxes on the speedlites, good for lower budget or for portable studio.

khappucino's picture

That was pretty sweet.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I wish I was that productive when I didn't have a car. I also wish I had all that gear. Great video. This is amazing.

Andy's picture

cool shoot guys! nice to see other young guys getting out and shooting.. :)

and the audio wasn't a problem for me... probably because i generally listen to music that loud :P

Roy Patton's picture

I love the video, and the fact theyre doing it with very limited equipment,

WARNING! as others have said Audio Levels vs Voice levels are greatly different and can be hard to hear...

but honestly, who lives in a house like and has a yard and a pool like that to shoot with... i mean ... wow!

Keen Imagery's picture

Wow....impressive for some high school students! Check out their gear...only in California I guess..... ;-)

jonatan's picture

Whats the song?