Phil Jones and Faces of Real Estate

Art director, designer and photographer, Minneapolis-based Phil Jones’ recent self-initiated project focused on real estate portraits on bus stops. Working with producer Alexis Jones, he posed as several local agents and then pasted his portrait parodies over the existing advertisements. Published to his website last week, it was soon picked up by Good Morning America and has gone viral on the web.

“There was no true impetus for my Faces of Real Estate project,” said Jones. “I do many self initiated projects mainly just to stay fresh. I love taking something I find funny and pushing it to the limit. I believe that the funniest part of my jokes is the commitment and the investment involved in them.”







The real agents whose faces were temporarily covered by the fake portraits had no complaints with the project and were appreciative of all of the interest that has come as a result of Jones’ work. All found it amusing and appreciated the added interest in their work.

"It's unbelievable, the reception," said Jones on the web site Twin Cities. "Amid all of this holiday chatter, for me to get pushed to the top (of Reddit) ... it was the right time, the right thing to do."

To see more of more parodies and interesting ad campaigns, visit Phil Jones online. All images are reproduced with the permission of Phil Jones.

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Timothy Jace's picture

When does it cross the line of being rude? I would assumed that it was a well planned project with the 'victims' and had their agreement? haha