Portrait Challenge: Landscape Photographer Versus Portrait Shooter

In this article, you will witness a portrait shootout between a landscape photographer and a portrait photographer. Who do you think will capture the best portrait images?

If you are a portrait photographer, then you already know that there are quite a few elements that go into creating a good-looking and engaging portrait. You have to get your lighting right, and you have to have a pose that works for the situation.

Your pose cannot look too stiff or to staged, and your subject's pose has to appear to be natural to the viewer. You also have to be able to capture the correct expression to match the mood of the image, and you have to be able to direct your subjects to get the most out of the situation.

Will a landscape photographer be up to the challenge of competing with an experienced portrait photographer? The results of these images and who is the better portrait photographer come down to taste.

Let me ask you, what is your prediction before watching the video? Are you optimistic that the landscape photographer may surprise you and capture better images?

As difficult as it is for a landscape photographer to shoot portraits, the opposite challenge would also be extremely challenging. Landscape photography requires a whole different skill set than you are required to master to shoot portraits.

Before we get to your thoughts on the winner let us go over some of the gear used in this video, the camera featured in the video was a Sony a7 III with the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8. A comparable flash setup would be the Godox AD 200 with a Westcott 36-inch Rapid Box.

Let me know your thoughts about this challenge: did Manny, the portrait photographer, win this challenge? Let me know who you thought took better portraits and why in the comment section below.

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Matthias Dengler's picture

I think they were equally good.
Although I really liked the mirror shot. The landscape photographer has a better sense for composition, the portrait photographer a better one for the moment. Great video!

Andi Whiskey's picture

Honestly, the landscape photographer had more creative perspectives and compositions.

Deleted Account's picture


Dave Thompson's picture

I may be biased, but while both of you two got some great images, I just think that the landscape shots, especially those shot at f/2.8, offer more depth and action of the frame, without distracting from the subject. The mirror shot was nice, but it still felt sorta "meh..." to me. Most important, I learned something. And since I'm guessing that was the whole point of the post, you both win! :)