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Who Shot Rock & Roll? Photographers Revealed

We've seen these iconic images before, but ever wonder who shot them? Here is just a preview of what you can see at the traveling photography show titled, "Who Shot Rock & Roll?" which is currently at the Annenberg Space for Photography in LA until October 7, 2012. Displaying over 175 images, these Rock & Roll stars shook up musical history.

Run-DMC Live at the Ritz, New York City, 1984 | Photograph by Josh Cheuse

Elvis Whispers Softly, 1956 | Photograph by Alfred Wertheimer

Tupac Shakur, August 1993 | Photograph by Danny Clinch

Elvis Costello, Paris, 1989 | Photograph by Claude Gassian

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, Nashville Rooms, London, March 9, 1979 | Photograph by David Corio

The Ramones at Eric’s Club, Liverpool, England, May 1977 | Photograph by Ian Dickson

John and Yoko in Bed, New York, November 21, 1980 | Photograph by Allan Tannenbaum

Fans Looking in Limousine, (at Bob Dylan), London, 1966 | Photograph by Barry Feinstein

Ramones on stage at CBGB's, NYC. April 1979 | Photograph by Bob Gruen

Jimi Hendrix and Wilson Pickett, Prelude Club, Atlantic Records release party, Harlem, New York, May 5, 1966 | Photograph by Michael Randolph

Frank Zappa, “Himself”, 1967 | Photograph by Jerry Schatzberg

Amy Winehouse, Miami, May 18, 2007 | Photograph by Max Vadukul

Radiohead, St. Louis, 1993 | Photograph by Nitin Vadukul

Has anyone seen this show? If so, let us know how it was in the comments below.

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Dan Busler's picture

Just like many images we've all shot, we don't actually know that the image will be special one day.  Hendrix wasn't famous when that shot was taken, Zappa was just strange and different - That is the magic of photographing musicians to me.  Just by being on stage the performers allow us to create incredibly powerful images,  sometimes the people get famous.

Well said Dan ..... but isn't it time that PR / Marketing / Management started to realise that many iconic band images are made from the LAST THREE SONGS WITH NO FLASH, not the 'FIRST THREE SONGS AND NO FLASH' ... ?
That's why I still prefer photographing up-and-coming bands after 30 years rather than established bands .....

Dumitru Tira's picture

even better then you have to sign a contract(selling all your rights to the photos for 1£) to photograph crap like The Stone Roses... :/