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Zach Andrews And Corinne Alexandra Have My Back

As you all know The iPhone Fashion Shoot created a heated debate on the internet. I responded to all of the haters but according to my scientific tests, 95% of internet trolls are illiterate so they never read it.

I have been getting tons of emails from people who want me to do the shoot again with only lights from Lowes but I am not really interested. The shoot was fun to do once, I proved my point, and I don't want to be known as "the iPhone photographer" so I am going back to only using my camera phone to take pictures of my drunk friends.  Thankfully there are others out there that have my back. Zach Andrews and Corinne Alexandra created a quick video in which they take a beautiful portrait with a lamp, a window, a sheet, and a point and shoot. Once again talent trumps gear.

Photoshoot for DIY-ers from Zach Andrews on Vimeo.

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Luca's picture

Great! Talent (and a little PP) always pays you!!!

Thx for sharing!

Stefan's picture

Awesome to see how to use your resources and to give some of us with limited budgets the confidence to take good photos with nothing.

Paul Kremer's picture

Just goes to show you CAN do a lot with just a little! I personally might have liked a little more fill on the left side, but that's just a matter of personal taste. Just add another lamp and there you go! Great video!

I think the people that were getting on your case for using the professional lighting kind of missed the point. You weren't doing a DIY guerilla lighting how to, you were trying to show people it's not about the equipment, you can do a lot with a little, so quit making excuses and get inventive. Your point might have been made more strongly if you had used more guerilla lighting tactics rather than your professional lights, but the point was made, and now with this video made again.

So quit making excuses, get inventive, and go shoot!

stephen's picture

YEEESSSS!!!!! Thank you for this! great shots from that tiny little camera that probably costs less than the iphone.

Ghislain's picture

There's so many haters on the Internet, I am always surprised and stunned by this. Lots of people really have rage in their system and really should go out there and travel to get to know what their true values are...

You don't own anything to anyone! :)


Ghislain's picture

Again ,so cool. Quick question: do we know which software was used when we could look at all the changes in photoshop? Cheers

Rob Barnes's picture

While I do agree with you about the fact that dont always need a great big camera, saying that you can do a pro photoshoot on a small budget is still a little misleading. Photoshop costs a ton of money. If you guys really want to make an example of this and show that you can do it on no budget at all, do the pp in software thats included with either windows or osx. Otherwise, you can take any photo and photoshop the hell out of it to make it look like anything! Still tho, good video and I like how you used the lighting available at hand!

Weston's picture

Awesome job! There had better be no complaining about the fact that you took the images into photoshop. It's 2010 folks.. photoshop is here to stay.

Mark Dunlap's picture

Nice work with simple tools.

Kishore's picture

should have used paint.net
its free , so no cost of buying ps

Corinne's picture

Just to make a comment on the Photoshop remark: although Photoshop may cost an exuberant amount of money that not everyone has, anyone can download a FREE trial version of Photoshop. And we utilized very basic techniques, editing this in under 5 minutes.

Lee Morris's picture

Or just ask someone with Photoshop to help. I keep hearing people can't do bts videos because they don't have a video camera. Are you telling me you don't know a single person with a point and shoot camera? I don't buy it. Team up, and work together people!

Taylor Verde's picture

Fantastic :)

Kevin M's picture


rocco's picture

no fair, you were using crop mark overlays on your screen when you were shooting.

.......just kidding..... great stuff and proof that a little ingenuity and dedication to craft can produce great results.

ps if people are hating its usually cause something is being done right that they wish they would have come up with or done first.

keep the great stuff coming!

Patrick's picture

Fine, I admit it that Im lazy. hahaha

Well done guys. One day I'll make one of my own video. You guys can do it, I should at least try.

stephen's picture

adding to the photoshop thing yea theres the free trial... orrrr you can do like i did with my first copy of everything adobe... bootleg my good friend. not that i am saying its a smart or good thing to do... :D but any software is free if you know where to look. haha. heck i can get you the entire CS5 master collection easily. lol but buying is always good to cuz u get all kinds of support and little extras that are nice to have. so yea. where theres a will theres a way. dont mistake lack of tools for lack of ambition.

Patrick Hall's picture

What photographer does a pro job without photoshop? Get real. I think some photographers should just go back to drawing sketches with charcoal and papyrus

Steele's picture

well i thought this was a cool video. but i would just like to say that i cant seem to find photoshop just lying around in my house. i have iphoto and photoshop elements. i think it would be cool to have movies on here that told me how to make great pictures with these programs since not everyone is professional.

Clair's picture

This is so interesting. Both the iPhone shoot and now this DIY one. Thanks to both teams for putting those up! Actually pretty inspirational.

I have to say - I have friends who do have all the equipment (or most of it any way) and then I take some little snap with my iPhone 4 and do a little colour playing within the phone's apps. Nothing fancy. I put them up on FB and a friend said I should display them in the gallery section of an upcoming Festival.

My initial reaction was that they wouldn't be good enough because I was just snapping with my iPhone, not some fancy camera. (They kindly disagreed).

But you know, having watched these two videos I actually appreciate that professionals are making a point of saying it's the end product that counts. Is it a good photo?

I've always had a good eye, and learned on B&W 35mm film and any re-touching was done in the darkroom - so you'd better get a good shot the first time.

My friends have gotten so far ahead on the technical side of photography I've felt like I was too far behind in this digital age, and sort of took a step back.

Thanks for reminding me that my eye for a good shot and some simple camera to capture that on is the most important point. Well, that and a little ingenuity too of course.

Think I might just get back in to this :D

Dabe's picture

Excellent video, and kudos to the 'togs for taking the time to do this BTS video. THANK YOU!

David's picture

This is soo great. I´m gonna turn my livingroom into a cheap photostudio. Until then I´m going to add som skills in Photoshop.

Andrew Williams's picture

I liked both the iphone vid and this one . Keep up the good work guys.

Stephen Masiello's picture

It's funny how some people will find any possible excuse why they can't do something, like they don't have special software. I know people who take great photos and print them directly from the memory card with no editing whatsoever. Some of them don't even own a computer. If you do enough prep work before with your composition and light, getting the shot right IN the camera, you can get by with free software like Picasa or even none at all. Less excuses and more photos, people.
Well done video... although I must admit I prefer Lee's model a bit more:-)

Paul Monaghan's picture

Very cool...

And for the people complaining that they used photoshop, there is a program called Gimp. Its free and is similar.

Ken's picture

Oh sure, that's all fine for people with windows! Put you in a windowless room, take away your lamp and your camera and let's see how good your photos are. PLUS, "Dave" is a pretty decent looking guy - who has access to those??

-Hater (j/k)

Patrick Hall's picture

Well said Ken, well said....how could you possibly make this photo if you were in say, a prison?

Saidoe's picture

Love it :D:D:D 5 Star :D

Lee Morris's picture

Ya it pisses me off that all these photographers use cameras to take pictures. What about people without cameras. I bet if I took that camera away your pictures would suffer.

Mariah's picture

THIS is EXACTLY what I have been doing, and it helps boost my confidence because I been getting kinda down because the DSLR I have will be taken back in a week and not being able to take as great shots. So LOVE this video and thanks! :)

jannis's picture

can someone explain what action they used to match the yellowish light with the other one? or tell me a site where i can look it up
cheers :D

Dennis Pilapil's picture

it's not the camera, but the eye behind it that matters!! cheers! :)

pixelmonger's picture

Great video. The criticizing-nay-sayer will always create excuses on why he can't, even when the only thing between him and better pictures is his own excuses.

yuhikaru's picture

Awesome work over there. I added a LIKE to it. Watching this video makes me understand that Photoshop is truly part and parcel of today's photography arsenal of MUST-Have tools.

jonathan woodard's picture

this was an excellent example. when i first started my video production studio i was shooting with a HF100 and stealing jobs from studio production houses who had HVX's and access to RED cameras. as this video shows it's about knowing what you can do and then retouching it later. you can rock out with "cheap" equipment if you have an idea and know how to execute your idea.

i wish i could find the video but i once saw a guy who takes photos for sports illustrated with one of those thin box cameras with the flash bulb sticks from the early 90's...

Von Wong's picture

great one!

Drea Wood's picture

hehe your model introduction made me smile :) I think both iphone and this video are great inspiration.

Starastin's picture

I wish I had a lamp like that ! :( . I remember I used to rock my nikon 2.1mp small p'n's , with nice light that's all you actually needed. anyway - the haters/trolls are the funniest/sadest people there are ! :D

Harry Pehkonen's picture

Very, very, very cool! Thinking of painting my wall . . .

Chaz Westwood's picture

I love these videos, but the use of photoshop does kill the point a little... Maybe elements would be okay because at £80 it's not too shabby, but CS5? Thats £400 well spent certainly but not for these videos... Someone said earlier, GIMP is a good idea, but, in an annoying way I want to see one of these photos edited using Picnik, which is the free online only editing thing that Picasa uses... I know for a fact that it is crap, so if someone can make something good out of that equipment, edited using Picnik... well hats off to that cat.