8,000 Photos In 80 Days Around The World

This video by Trey Ratcliff is a pretty cool idea. Trey traveled across the world in 80 days and documented his adventures with over 8,000 photographs. I hardly ever travel with a camera when I'm on vacation and even if I did, I'm not sure if I could ever force myself to take so many images in the moment. But then again I probably won't ever have anything this cool. Check out the second video below to watch how Trey made this video.

Behind the scenes:

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Anonymous's picture

this reminds me of how i tricked my friends into looking at all my vacation photos in just 60 seconds:

this guy put a lot more work into this though.  i just fed all my pics into quicktime and edited the video files it gave me

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Patrick, fix the link ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

"Click the the 'full post' to watch how Trey made this video."

just sayin...

Malcolm Debono's picture

What he said!!

There's a missing 'f' (the 'f' in 'fstoppers') in the url.

Quentin Decaillet's picture

I find the idea really interesting but watching the video for more than a minute give me a headache...

Laurian Ene's picture

+1 headache, theres a visual reason (not sure why FPS?FOV?) but i got a major headache, i forced myself to watch the whole thing because some of the photos were really interesting though, but as soon as the video finished my headache is going away, thank god.

Kevin Crocker's picture

Is there some way to look at all these photos individually???

My first reaction to this was "Only 8000 pictures?!?" I shoot like crazy when I'm someplace new, I feel like I'd do 8000 in the first few weeks... still, I've been following Trey for a while on flickr, I'm not completely sold on the HDR thing, but he does it really well. 

James's picture

clear example of 'overloading' audience  ..

Bruno Mão De Ferro's picture

Not sold on HDR go there and see real good HDR images http://blamethemonkey.com/

Sai Thi Ha Hseng's picture

my eyes my eyes, Headache. could b really cool pictures, if they present individually.

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I sort of like it and sort of don't. It's a cool idea to actually do something with ALL of your vacation photos but it's overload too. I think less is more so picking out your absolute favorites and making something shorter with more time on each shot. I do like the more stop motion looking stuff when he was walking around and what not. 

Some really cool shots in there for sure!

Martin Booth's picture

The guy doing the static juggling at the end with the glass ball is someone I've met in Christchurch before, and taken similar photos of.
Think this is a great idea, but not sure that the music does anything for me in combo with the visuals

Rafal Janicki's picture

it would make more sence if it would be 80 pictures in 80 days through the world. It would give definitely more quality to this project. Instead we have just random flashing images, wich produce headache. Whats the point of it ?

I think the point is trying to do something new so it gets attention. I think he has great skill but this video just aims at mediocrity. I want to see the best 50 pics he took on this trip not 8000. The song also drove me insane. I think it could be somewhat successful if he stops on a really good photo for a few seconds (every 500 pics) to let the headache subside. :)
Nice try though...

Gaetan Cormier's picture

Epilepsy alert!!! I need medication! Some nice photos tough!

Mario Carta's picture

Nice work.  Crappy Soundtrack.

Daniel Stainer's picture

I think you are all missing the point.  I love this.  You just need to let go and enjoy the roller coaster timeline that Trey has brilliantly put together.  Yes, it's intense.  But I still saw many compelling images bubble up to the surface and into my psyche.  A total immersion experience filled with 8,000 interesting glimpses set against swanky music.