The Fstoppers Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier

Produced by Fstoppers

The Flash Disc (patented) is a simple but extremely versatile light modifier for small speedlights. Lee Morris's original idea was to have a small portable softbox on him at all times during his weddings. What makes the Flash Disc so useful is it literally folds up like a reflector and can fit into your pocket, jacket, roller bag, or backpack. The unique design allows your portable flash to "bounce" up and fill the entire circular chamber crating a quality of light that is much softer than your speedlight's small opening.


UPDATE: We currently have a new large shipment that is being fulfilled through Amazon
After 6 years, a 2 year patent process, and nearly 18 months of designing proto types, the Fstoppers Flash Disc has finally become a reality. Our home made versions of the Flash Disc have been in our bags for almost our entire careers, and we are excited to finally release this flash modifier out to the general public!

Easily collapses into a pocket sized pouch

Pocket Sized

The Flash Disc (patented) is a simple but extremely versatile light modifier for small speedlights. Lee Morris's original idea was to have a small portable softbox on him at all times during his weddings. What makes the Flash Disc so useful is it literally folds up like a reflector and can fit into your pocket, jacket, roller bag, or backpack. The unique design allows your portable flash to "bounce" up and fill the entire circular chamber crating a quality of light that is much softer than your speedlight's small opening.

Unlike traditional softboxes, the Flash Disc is very portable and has an extremely small profile. This makes it easy to move through large crowds like you would find at an event or a wedding. Long gone are the days of raising bulky softboxes over people's heads or accidentally bumping your umbrella on a light stand into guests at a wedding. The Flash Disc can easily be held by your side and takes up about as much space as a hardcover book.

Easy and Portable Off Camera Lighting

Here are some of the situations in which we have found the Flash Disc to work best:

  • Great for small product shots where large softboxes are often overkill
  • Perfect for impromptu group shots when you want soft directional light
  • Nice when you want your key light softer than a barebulb speedlight but more contrasty than a huge softbox
  • A fast and easy solution for detail shots such as rings, cakes, shoes, jewelry
  • Easily isolates small areas for light painting (ala Mike Kelley's technique)
  • Convenient for packing in your travel bag when you don't know what photo shoots await
  • Reliable in windy environments where traditional softboxes and umbrellas often fail
  • Extremely useful during fast paced subjects like children or toddlers.

and most importantly,

  • Invaluable when shooting by yourself and you need to hold your own off camera lighting in your left hand!
Great for Beauty and Headshots

Exclusively Available Through Fstoppers
When we first designed the Flash Disc years ago, we never intended on mass producing it and offering it to other photographers. It was simply a clever solution to a common problem we often faced.  After selling out of our first batch of 1,000 in a mere 48 hour period, we are excited to announce a much larger batch of what we are calling Flash Disc V2.   We find it useful having a bunch of these small softboxes laying around the studio and in our camera bags and I'm sure you will fall in love with this simple pocket sized light modifier as much as we have.  

Live in Europe?  Order through the Amazon UK store

The Fstoppers FlashDisc is now available through the Amazon UK store. If you live anywhere in the European Union, the Amazon UK store can ship to your country. We have had a huge request for FlashDisc in this market and we are excited to finally be able to fulfill to most of Europe without you having to pay for international shipping.  

International Shipping

If you really want the product right now and you don't live in the USA, I highly suggest the website You can ship the product from Amazon to them, and they will ship it to you anywhere in the world. You can also order from BH Photo directly and they will ship anywhere in the world.  

Now available in Singapore!

Our good friend Michael Chaint with ArtWorkFoto is currently shipping and selling the FlashDisc at his photography store in the Funan Digital Mall.  You can check them out in his store or order them online here.  


Videos of FlashDisc In Use

How to Fold a Reflector (until we make our own video)

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Previous comments
Patrick Hall's picture

You should be able to just push it apart. If it closes a little bit it doesn't affect the light that much. Light should still come out the top of it.

Albert Harris's picture

I got the flash disc but I'm wondering how do I actually fold this thing. Never mind I saw the link for the video thanks

Stewart Waterman's picture

is the deal 3 for $33 each still going or is it just $49 each?

Patrick Hall's picture

The 3 pack deal was back when we were testing the market and had 1000 units in my house. We did not want to have to personally ship 1000 boxes so we did 330 orders of 3 which was still insane. We sold out in 48 hours and only made enough money to allow us to order the next shipment of 5000. Unfortunately with automated fulfillment we cannot offer the 3 for $100 at this time. The original price was always $49 from the beginning.

JT. temimi's picture

Its great but not worth 50 $, too much

Patrick Hall's picture

There isn't any way we can afford to sell it for less but out of curiosity, what would you be willing to pay for it?

Kevin Appl's picture

Went to order 3 of these and I can't get them in Canada? Hopefully you post an update once they are available internationally! Looks like a great product at least.

brian ball's picture

Would anyone be willing to send me one to the uk will pay the shiping

Anonymous's picture

Got mine (2) (in Canada, through MyUs, extremely expensive workaround) and I LOVE them. I use them for product photog on white bg. Less shadows (close to zero), save tons of time detouring products.

William Masters's picture

Just an FYI... I ordered mine off of Amazon Friday and since Amazon has some type of arrangement with the US Post Office, it was delivered to me on a Sunday! Thanks for such a great product!

julie worthy's picture

I never see them actually put the modifier on the flash so I am wondering if you can point your flash in any direction or if it stays straight up?

Patrick Hall's picture

It attaches with an elastic band that holds the flash tight against the FlashDisc. So yes you can angle the flash any direction you want and the modifier will remain attached

Wally Brooks's picture

How many stops or fraction of stops does this use over a direct flash? Just got mine and its great like the grey cards on the back

Patrick Hall's picture

It's probably about 2-3 stops lower than direct flash which is expected with any modifier. Direct flash is by far the most efficient because it is pointed straight. Compared to a softbox or other modifier, the FD might be 1, maybe 1 1/2 stops less but it should also be used much closer than larger modifiers

Anonymous's picture

These tutorials are... exactly what a tutorial/BTS should be. There are too many BTS that are just like "look at me and my team... we're just having the greatest lifestyle". I hate them. These BTS here are not like that. They are not saying "look at me". They are saying "look at that". Congrats guys.

Bjoern Hirsch's picture

Just bought one .. but it would be helpful if shipped with any piece of information on a) how to put the flash to avoid head problems .. how to fold to get it into the small bag :-(

Patrick Hall's picture

The flash should just slip into the elastic band. Nothing crazy there. As for folding it, we have a video on the sale page above showing how to fold a reflector and a demo in the commercial we posted as well.

brian ball's picture

is there anyway of pre ordering for when amazon uk stock them as I dont want to miss out again

Anonymous's picture

MyUS is just not an option. I bought 2, delivered promptly to Canada using the option "as cheap as possible". Cost me $200. Now I just got a UPS invoice for brokerage. Another $28. Total $228.
I am cancelling my MyUS account right now.
But I love the disks.

Melquisedec Gamba-Rios's picture

Any promotion on flash disc for black Friday or ciber Monday?

Patrick Hall's picture

Not this year no. We are selling them with a very min profit margin and because they are physical products we have less wiggle room than our digital tutorials. We have ordered our next batch of 5,000 so maybe if we can find a way to cut import and shipping taxes then we can offer something down the road.

Landon Carthel's picture

I just purchased three disks. Folded one up, just like the above video, and found today it had torn at several points by the wiring. This is a disappointment, but fortunately I shouldn't have the need to ever collapse them into a bag again. If you're going to fold it up, beware it may tear.

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm sorry to hear that Landon. Just ask Amazon for a return and they will replace the item. We have about 30 being used around the office and I've set to see that problem so it must be an isolated problem.

Rohit Kumar's picture

Hi fstoppers, I am really interested in these flash disc, are you able to ship to Australia yet?

Patrick Hall's picture

No immediate plans but as soon as we get the next shipment (Jan) I hope to find a retailer in Australia who can fulfill orders. Any recommendations of stores that could buy a few?

Kerner Orrillo's picture

Do you still have the promotion of 3 for $100? Or do we have to order just by amazon?

Patrick Hall's picture

the 3 for $100 deal was for the first production run we ever did just to see if there was a market for these. We shipped them out ourselves and it was such a headache. With the automation costs we cannot do the same deal again

brian ball's picture

Is it still going to be available on amazon UK in January 2015 and if so have you got an idea on how much stock is going to be available as I don't want to miss out on 1 at least would like to buy 3 and if it is going to be limited stock would there be a way of pre ordering one ???

Patrick Hall's picture

We are sending 1500 units to Europe so you should be good (it will take a few months to sell those I bet). We haven't calculated the taxes (will be higher due to VAT having to be included) but I'm hoping around 50 Euro.

brian ball's picture

1500 will pardon the pun will go in a "Flash" :D.... would there be a way to let us know by email what day they will be on sale as i really don't want to miss it this time, and in truth i really think you could put 10 times that amount up and they would sell out :)

cedric Abrahami's picture

Hi Guys,

Bravo for all your good job, especially the beauty photography video.

I was interested by your FD, but you do not ship to Canada?
Can you check into that ?

Thank you

Michael Miller's picture

What stops the light from blowing out the back or sides? I would expect the back to be lined with silver or to be white but totally non-transparent or translucent.

Patrick Hall's picture

The entire inside cavity is covered in silver to prevent light spilling out.

Michael Miller's picture

How to I sort the comments in reverse date order, most recent on top?
Scrolling down through every single comment gets tiring after a while.

Stephen Yen Chong's picture

Hi i just recieved your flash disc as a new years gift and there appears to be a medium sized cut in the flash disc right above the patch on the front. Can you please assist me with this.

Patrick Hall's picture

Can you send us a photo so we can see what the problem is? Amazon does all of our fulfillment so you would have to ask for a refund/replacement through them to get a new one if something was wrong with your copy.

Rogier Bos's picture

Looks like a great product.
What's the idea of the white/grey/black back of the product. Is that for a grey-card function?

Patrick Hall's picture

Yep, gray card on the back

Dick Shanker's picture

This is awesome, also to check white balance. Do you ship to Seattle? I think I live in Alaska. Does it roll right on? How do you fold a circle into a circle? Time for another scotch, cheers mates!

Patrick Hall's picture

Amazon ships all over the US with 2 day shipping if you have prime. It does "roll" right on and you fold it up like any normal reflector.

brian ball's picture

Any date yet for uk amazon the link is thete but none in stock ?

Patrick Hall's picture

No definitive date but they are heading there now. Should be first part of Feb.

Jorge Sedano's picture

Never mind, I just bought 2

Ron Wightman's picture

Amazon only had one left, I did get it, would like two more. Any idea when they will be available?

Ron Wightman's picture

Ok, thanks for the web link, they are out of stock too. Am able to get on a "notify" list. Any thoughts on when?

brian ball's picture

Any definite date for UK amazon ?

Patrick Hall's picture

They are importing to the store right now. Should be for sale in the next week or so

brian ball's picture

I have just seen that the flash disc is available from it says these sellers on amazon uk but what a shock when I see it will cost me £67.64 for 1 when in US it $ 49.99 £32.51 hope this is not real

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