The Fstoppers Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier

Produced by Fstoppers

The Flash Disc (patented) is a simple but extremely versatile light modifier for small speedlights. Lee Morris's original idea was to have a small portable softbox on him at all times during his weddings. What makes the Flash Disc so useful is it literally folds up like a reflector and can fit into your pocket, jacket, roller bag, or backpack. The unique design allows your portable flash to "bounce" up and fill the entire circular chamber crating a quality of light that is much softer than your speedlight's small opening.


UPDATE: We currently have a new large shipment that is being fulfilled through Amazon
After 6 years, a 2 year patent process, and nearly 18 months of designing proto types, the Fstoppers Flash Disc has finally become a reality. Our home made versions of the Flash Disc have been in our bags for almost our entire careers, and we are excited to finally release this flash modifier out to the general public!

Easily collapses into a pocket sized pouch

Pocket Sized

The Flash Disc (patented) is a simple but extremely versatile light modifier for small speedlights. Lee Morris's original idea was to have a small portable softbox on him at all times during his weddings. What makes the Flash Disc so useful is it literally folds up like a reflector and can fit into your pocket, jacket, roller bag, or backpack. The unique design allows your portable flash to "bounce" up and fill the entire circular chamber crating a quality of light that is much softer than your speedlight's small opening.

Unlike traditional softboxes, the Flash Disc is very portable and has an extremely small profile. This makes it easy to move through large crowds like you would find at an event or a wedding. Long gone are the days of raising bulky softboxes over people's heads or accidentally bumping your umbrella on a light stand into guests at a wedding. The Flash Disc can easily be held by your side and takes up about as much space as a hardcover book.

Easy and Portable Off Camera Lighting

Here are some of the situations in which we have found the Flash Disc to work best:

  • Great for small product shots where large softboxes are often overkill
  • Perfect for impromptu group shots when you want soft directional light
  • Nice when you want your key light softer than a barebulb speedlight but more contrasty than a huge softbox
  • A fast and easy solution for detail shots such as rings, cakes, shoes, jewelry
  • Easily isolates small areas for light painting (ala Mike Kelley's technique)
  • Convenient for packing in your travel bag when you don't know what photo shoots await
  • Reliable in windy environments where traditional softboxes and umbrellas often fail
  • Extremely useful during fast paced subjects like children or toddlers.

and most importantly,

  • Invaluable when shooting by yourself and you need to hold your own off camera lighting in your left hand!
Great for Beauty and Headshots

Exclusively Available Through Fstoppers
When we first designed the Flash Disc years ago, we never intended on mass producing it and offering it to other photographers. It was simply a clever solution to a common problem we often faced.  After selling out of our first batch of 1,000 in a mere 48 hour period, we are excited to announce a much larger batch of what we are calling Flash Disc V2.   We find it useful having a bunch of these small softboxes laying around the studio and in our camera bags and I'm sure you will fall in love with this simple pocket sized light modifier as much as we have.  

Live in Europe?  Order through the Amazon UK store

The Fstoppers FlashDisc is now available through the Amazon UK store. If you live anywhere in the European Union, the Amazon UK store can ship to your country. We have had a huge request for FlashDisc in this market and we are excited to finally be able to fulfill to most of Europe without you having to pay for international shipping.  

International Shipping

If you really want the product right now and you don't live in the USA, I highly suggest the website You can ship the product from Amazon to them, and they will ship it to you anywhere in the world. You can also order from BH Photo directly and they will ship anywhere in the world.  

Now available in Singapore!

Our good friend Michael Chaint with ArtWorkFoto is currently shipping and selling the FlashDisc at his photography store in the Funan Digital Mall.  You can check them out in his store or order them online here.  


Videos of FlashDisc In Use

How to Fold a Reflector (until we make our own video)

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Previous comments
Lee Morris's picture

It will be 50 pounds. It has to cost more to cover all of the taxes, tariffs, and tax accountants we have to pay over there. The person selling it on there now is not us.

brian ball's picture

Thanks fir your quick reply Lee

Dick Shanker's picture

Will these return to Amazon or just B&H now? I have an Amazon gift cert. Thx

Patrick Hall's picture

They are back in stock through amazon

Sean T's picture

On the product shot what settings was on the camera? This was all manual no TTL?

Patrick Hall's picture

I don't remember. Yes everything was shot manual for the studio stuff. Probably F8, ISO 100 or lower, 1/200th and then the flashes were set to manual power for the desired outcome

Manuel Mauer's picture

When will the product hit Europe? You wrote in the past January 2015. Where can I order mine?

Patrick Hall's picture

It's currently getting imported into the store. It should be for sale in the next week or two. Of course customs and shipping took much longer than we expected.

Christian Yah's picture

So any expectation as to when the flash disc will be in stock again?

Patrick Hall's picture

It is back for sale now!

brian ball's picture

Any date yet on uk amazon fir the flash disc as it was February but now into March ??

Lee Morris's picture

Should be any day now. Customs has it

Ron Harr's picture

Mine just arrived today. It looks well made, but I already have a couple of disappointments. First, there are no instructions...not one word. I came to this site looking for some instructions and there are none. I know that the device is pretty simple but a single sheet of instructions or tips would be nice. It's also a lost marketing opportunity for Second, since it was shipped flat, the two discs are pinned together at the top. There is no device for forcing them apart. Obviously, the flash forces them apart at the bottom. With the top pinched there won't be as much light bouncing around in the top. I can reverse engineer something, but I shouldn't have to for $50. Or maybe an instruction sheet would tell you how to keep the two discs separated like they look in the videos and photos on this site.

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm not exactly sure what the direction would say except how to load the flash but that should be clear from the videos we have made. How you use it to light your subjects could be a full day of instruction.

As for the top pinching together, that is totally normal and will vary depending on the size of the flash used. We have done extensive tests concerning this and the wedge shape does not affect the quality of the light at all. Infact, the wedge shape actually does make the efficiency about 1/3 stop better. You can put something on the top to keep it open completely but it really will not show any noticeable affects to the quality of light coming out of the FlashDisc

zenda nguyen's picture

In the future, do you have any promotions to sell a set 3 with $100?

Patrick Hall's picture

No we do not. The final price is $49.99

Brian Schmidt's picture

Aurora Speedbounce is also selling something very similar out of Canada. They offer two sizes as well.
I like the concept.

Patrick Hall's picture

That company is actually infringing on our patent for the FlashDisc. Before they were only in Korea but it's good to know they've moved to Canada now too.

Narve Andreas Nordås's picture

Where is it possible to buy Fstoppers in the EU? I'm located in Spain

Patrick Hall's picture

Goto the amazon link above for the UK. They ship to all of the eu

meloen fotografie's picture

I asked a retailer In the Netherlands. I thought i should be for sale. Too bad tha t such a great product is difficult to get. And maybe the price can get lower if you produce more like 50.000 or more. I gave the retailer the link and told them that there maybe is an opportunity for them to import them to europe.

Dmitriy Shin's picture

When will the flashdisc be available in the US again?

Patrick Hall's picture

any week now. Hopefully before Nov but not sure yet.

prasobh allways's picture

Patric, I bought 3 (paid for two :) ) softboxes from amazon. I am using Canon Speedlite 600EX RT as my master flash. If I need two slaves which yongnuo flash series i have to buy. Whats your advice.?

and dear Meloen Fotografie, I am also from Netherlands, you could buy it easily from amazon uk website without any issues and you may charged only for two when you buy three boxes.

Jacques Cornell's picture

I wanted to buy one of these but bought a Neewer knock-off instead because 1) you didn't have any, and 2) Neewer makes a 16" version, and I like the larger size. The Neewer was much cheaper, but I'd buy from you if you had a 16" version available for prompt shipping because you invented the thing and deserve to profit from it.

Fritz Asuro's picture

I shot VS model, Alessandra Ambrosio using this flash disc. It's amazing.

Patrick Hall's picture

Man I'd love to see that....have you posted the photos anywhere?

Fritz Asuro's picture

I was about to post it here on this comment section, but I just found out I can't. I'll post it somewhere online and link it here.

*SPOILERS: She's not in a bikini.

Patrick Hall's picture

Upload to your Fstoppers portfolio or email it to us. We might be interested in using your image for future posts on the Flashdisk.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Cool! I definitely will do both! Thanks. And again, thank you both [Lee and you] for making this amazing light modifier.

Steve Hardesty's picture

Ok. I have the flash disc. I like it but not sure I'm installing it correctly. Do you slide it in and then turn the light 90degrees in order to spread the disc open or do you just let the flash point up? When it just points up the width of the disc doesn't open like yours on the video. It is basically flat except at the bottom where the flash is inserted. You never really expound on this in your videos.

Patrick Hall's picture

You don't have to spin the flash. Some flashes keep the unit open while other flashes cause it to make a sort of wedged shape. We've done tests and the light quality/output are not affected by the wedge shape vs the perfectly opened shape. Some people have used a lens cap or small wood rod to keep the top open but again, from our tests we could not tell a difference at all. The original prototypes we used for 7+ years were actually sewn together at the top in the wedge shape and they worked fine for us before we decided to make the commercial version.

udoye udo's picture

how to get it

Curtis Mason's picture

I love my flash disk! My only comment would be to consider a velcro system to secure the flash instead of just the band, as it doesn't expand enough to fit flashes with a magmod on them. I sewed some onto mine to make it work!

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah I'm not sure how to get those two systems to work seamlessly. We actually made the FlashDisc a year or two before the magmod system came out. I do like their product a lot but unfortunately I think the best thing is to take off the mount when using the FD.

Jonathan Brady's picture

Rear is a handy white balance card, I assume?

Michael Murphy's picture

I use these all the time. Caution don't use them when shooting against windows or glass you will see the large white blam! off the glass. Everything else is great. Love the way it turns my fashion into beauty fashion / Glamour shots. When I'm shooting in a group everyone always wonders why I bring soo much gear but then everyone asks to borrow 'all my gear' including my flash discs. I use Nikon DF-400 speedlites I have 4. and have used the setup in this video. Awesome results.

Taki Tsonis's picture

Whatever happened to the 3 for $99 deal? :-)

Patrick Hall's picture

We only ran that when we produced the very first batch of 1000 because we weren't sure how well it would sell. We sold out of all of them in like 5 days so that helped us produce more and put them on the market permanently. Unfortunately that deal did not allow us to return much of a profit so we can't continue to offer them at that price.

Michel Vivas's picture

Hi guys,
whereabouts can I buy the disc in Australia? Thanks

Lee Morris's picture

At the moment you'll have to buy it from BH in the US and have it shipped there. If any camera stores want to buy in bulk from us we will sell boxes of them to Australia.

Benton Lam's picture

How well would the flash disk work with the magmod gel holders?
I like the convenience of those holders, but it doesn't look easy to use the gel holder with it.

Lee Morris's picture

It currently doesn't easily work with that system.

starc sain's picture

Are there any video showing the results of this modifier compared to others or compared to no modifier?نقل-اثاث-دبي-2/

Rick Urbanowski's picture

Love mine! A larger one would be great too!