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What It Takes to Photograph an Extreme Event Like the Marathon Des Sables Peru

In the world of adventure sports photography being in the right location isn't always enough. Often times you have to match the athleticism of the athletes you are photographing to get those really amazing shots. that means hanging off the side of a cliff hundreds of feet above the ground alongside a rock climber. Or swimming a couple feet above a coral reef in twenty-foot plus surf. In this case, it means spending a week in the desert running up and down sand dunes.

A Creative Video Exposes the Disturbing Link Between Advertising and Women’s Bodies [NSFW]

Sex sells. This basic advertising trick could be the number one rule of any marketing textbook. Unfortunately, as uninspiring as it seems, associating brands with provocative half-naked bodies draws people’s attention. Pushing this logic to the extreme, French Musician Hiérophante created a short stop-motion video showing naked women’s bodies being covered by brand logos. The result leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling of watching some sort of livestock branding.

The Ugly Truth About the Sexual Harassment of Models

This is something that I am proud to hear being said, and I genuinely hope it continues to be said. When I saw this article making the rounds online, I knew I had to help spread its message, not just because it is important in my industry, but also in my personal life. Sexual harassment of any kind is unacceptable, and I will always fight against it. Awareness is step one, speaking out is step two.

Major Controversy Over "Victims Of Beauty" Photo Series

Bulgarian Magazine, 12 Mag, has sure been rufflin' up some feathers over a piece they ran in June entitled "Victims of Beauty". Photographer Vasil Germanov along with MUAs Daniela Avramova and Slav have been making international headlines along with "12" for depecting models beaten, bruised and cut. Personally, I love the series and I think the artistry is beautiful, especially on the account of the MUAs...