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Why the Canon EOS RP Sucks for Video

As an avid Canon user I tend to ignore the constant stream of hate for Canon across the Internet but this just doesn't make any sense. How can you leave these features out regardless of the price?

Your Photography From 2009 Versus 2019

Comparing your work can be one of the healthiest reminders of just how far you've come in your photography even if those early photos are a bit embarrassing. Come share yours!

Where Did All the Color on Instagram Go?

Years ago Instagram was filled with poorly filtered and over processed HDR images. Thankfully we have moved away from those days but how did we end up in a world without much color?

Stop Focusing on Camera Gear

With news of Nikon and Canon finally entering the full-frame mirrorless market, there have been endless discussions regarding stats and expectations. Don't let yourself get lost in all the gear talk, and remember that you don't need something new to make incredible photos.

How Do You Know When an Edit Is Done?

One of the struggles I have as a photographer is knowing how much to edit an image. This became increasingly difficult once editing became a major part of my artistic workflow when shooting landscape photography, so how do I know when a photo is finished?

How Printing Your Work Can Be Priceless

I know that many of us get caught up looking for the next piece of gear to buy or searching for our next portfolio shot, but it's possible the most satisfying thing you can do in photography is to print your own work.

How a 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter Can Save Your Shot

Weather conditions aren’t always perfect when shooting landscape photography; let's be honest they are usually not ideal. One way to turn poor weather into something special is by using a 10-stop neutral density filter which allows you to take very long exposures during the day resulting in some unique images.

Shooting a 10-Day Time-Lapse From Start to Finish

Typically the best time-lapse shots require a lot of patience and persistence to capture. What happens when you push those limits to the edge and try to shoot a time-lapse for 10 consecutive days?

Behance Releases Its Biggest Update Ever

Adobe’s Behance has been around for over a decade and continues to grow as a platform for creators to share their work. Mostly known for promoting the work of illustrators and graphic designers, Behance’s reach for photographers is continually growing, and today marks the most significant update to Behance since its start.