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What Was Your Favorite Photograph From 2021?

We ought to always be looking forward to our photography, but it's also important to add some ceremony to our achievements and use the past as a learning tool for the future. So, what is your favorite photograph from 2021, why, and what can you learn from it?

The Lens One Photographer Believes Everyone Should Own

The holy trinity of lenses — usually 16-35mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm — has been a staple for decades, but it is beginning to be tested. This lens is a convention breaker and Nigel Danson believes every photographer should own one.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Selling Prints

A lot of truths about photography are hard to hear when you're looking at making a career out of it, but they are necessary if you want to go into the profession with a complete understanding of what's to come.

Shooting With a 1998 Original Gameboy Camera

The Gameboy Color from the late Nineties had a camera module you could buy separately. I owned one of them and I remember enjoying it, particularly paired with the Gameboy printer. But, just how bad was the quality back then?

Turning Day to Night in Adobe Photoshop

Whether you couldn't shoot at the time you wanted or you just want to experiment with composites and heavier editing, this video will show you how to make a complete transformation.

Does Your Drone Need Filters?

Drones have quickly become a common and important tool for photographers and videographers in many niches. Filters have been a staple for camera users for decades, so could you benefit from filters for your drone?

Behind the Scenes of Failed Photoshoots: Learning From Mistakes

It is a truism that you learn far more from your failure than you do your successes, and photography is no different. In this video, esteemed portrait photographer, Irene Rudnyk, goes through some of her failed shoots that never quite made the grade.

Behind the Scenes of Bird Photography in the Jungle With Great Tips

Bird photography is tremendously difficult and so is photographing in a jungle. So, it follows that photographing birds in a jungle will require a lot of skill in patience. Watch as two veteran wildlife photographers go through recent shots and offer some tips and mistakes to avoid.

Behind the Scenes Photographing Huge Waves Crashing Into a Lighthouse

The sea has so many different styles of photography that can be conducted with it that if you live near an ocean, it can be a brilliant source of both imagery and practice. In this video, one photographer sets out to capture huge waves crashing into a lighthouse.

How to Create a Realistic Coin in Adobe Photoshop

With many countries still experiencing different degrees of restrictions, arranging photoshoots can be difficult. If you want to keep learning, Photoshop techniques are a decent substitute.

2 Landscape Photographers Go Head-to-Head With a 70mm Challenge

One way to test your skills and to improve your creativity at the same time is to set yourself a shooting challenge. In this video, Nigel Danson and James Popsys go head-to-head with the challenge of shooting landscapes with only a 70mm focal length.

How to Fake the Panning Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Panning photography has a few uses, but it's most commonly seen in motorsport. It's a tricky technique to get the most out of and on occasion, it's not even possible. In those situations, perhaps you can fake it instead.

If You Need a Bigger Backdrop for a Photoshoot, Try This

Have you ever had a great background you want to use for an image but it just isn't big enough? With this combination of techniques, both in-camera and in post-production, you can make it seem as if it was big enough.

What Is the Best Medium Format Film Camera for Portraits?

Medium format sensors are usually housed in expensive cameras, but with film bodies, you have far more options without having to remortgage. In this video, one film photographer discusses what the best medium format film camera for portraits is.

Beautiful, Minimalist Photography on a Scottish Island

Scotland has some stunning natural beauty, but the islands surrounding it are often neglected. In this video, one landscape photographer goes to the Isle of Harris and Lewis to conduct some stunning, minimalist photography.

7 Quick Tips for a Positive Change in Your Photography

A new year is here and with it comes the opportunity to reflect and make plans for how you will spend the next 12 months. If you're looking for inspiration on how to improve, here are seven quick tips to change your photography for the better.

Transform Your Photograph Prints Into Mixed Media Art

If you're interested in printing your photography, why not double down on creativity and turn those images into mixed media art. In this video, Irene Rudnyk walks you through how she created some stunning works by combining physical artistic techniques with prints of digital images.

4 Composition Techniques for Better Film Photographs

Composition has rules that transcend all visual mediums, but playing to the equipment you're using can still be helpful. In this video, one photographer walks through his favorite techniques for better film photographs.