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A Behind-the-Scenes Tutorial for Baby and Family Photography

Some of the most meaningful photographers most of us will ever take are of families and babies, both our own and those around us. But it's far from an easy niche, so here is a behind-the-scenes demonstration and tutorial.

How To Create Your Own Fog Brush in Photoshop

Atmosphere in images is both important and difficult to attain, particularly when the weather isn't obeying your desires for interesting conditions. Here is a tutorial on how to create your own fog brush for Photoshop and turn a bland image into something more moody.

A Quick Tutorial on How To Replace a Sky in Photoshop

If you've ever left a shoot a little disappointed with how the weather panned out — and I imagine this is a feeling we're all familiar with — perhaps changing the sky in post-production might salvage your images.

5 Misleading Specs That Can Trick Camera Buyers

If you're looking at buying a new piece of equipment, you will likely just look at the spec sheet and compare it to something similar. But even the numbers don't tell the full story.

3 Tips for Creating Dramatic Lighting in Your Portraits

Lighting holds the keys to the overall feel of an image for the most part, particularly with portraiture. In this video, you will see behind-the-scenes of a dramatic, moody portrait shoot with some tips on how to replicate the style yourself.

Behind the Scenes of a Beautiful Portrait Shoot with Just One Low Cost Flash

Great portraiture can be created with anything from natural light to a studio full of the most expensive equipment, but if you — like most photographers — are closer to the natural light setup than a high-end studio, perhaps this video might show you just what you can produce with one, cheap light.

Simple Tips for Creating Better Photographs in Harsh Light

Photographing when the sun is at its highest point in the sky is rarely desirable, but there are certainly times and places where it can make for great images. Here are some tips for that less popular time of day.

How To Create Videos With Little or No Money

A lot of video productions use incredible arsenals of gear — even YouTubers seem to be shooting with tens of thousands of dollars of kit — but it's no secret that isn't necessary. Here are some tips for shooting videos with little to no money.

10 of the Best Ultra-Wide-Angle Lenses for Astrophotography

Astrophotography is one of the few genres where gear can make a profound difference that is impossible to replicate without it. One of the most important tools — if not the most important tool — is the lens on the front of your camera.

A Discussion About Making Money as a Creative

Money is a subject that is rarely discussed openly and that can be detrimental to anyone newly trying to make some as a creative. Here is an interesting and open discussion about the topic.

How Foregrounds Improve Your Landscapes

Landscapes can be tricky to get right, but that's even more the case when you find yourself in a less than magnificent location. One of the biggest issues with flat and uninspiring vistas is composition becomes more difficult and this is where foregrounds play an important role.

7 Creative Color Grading Tricks for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

A master color grader can take forgettable footage and make it memorable; they can set the mood and feel of a scene, add or remove drama, and introduce themes. So, if you're a videographer, it's a great skill to work on.