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How to Use Speedlights for Music Photography

Photographing live music is a difficult but rewarding genre and can require a masterful understanding of settings to get the best images. If you can use speedlights, however, you not only gain more control over the results, but it allows for greater creativity too.

Is This the Most Versatile Portrait Lens Ever Made?

There have been some excellent lens releases this year, but Tamron's newest offering might be challenging for the top spot. With an unbelievable focal range and widest aperture, how does it hold up on different shoots?

Should You Sell Your Raw Files or Not?

If you've worked in photography for a little while, you'll likely have been confronted with the question of whether you should sell your raw files or not. Is there a right answer? Here's one photographer's take on it.

The Weird Canon R5 VR Lens Might Be Brilliant

Canon's announcement of their newest RF lens has pricked up a lot of ears in curiosity. Is this new lens going to be brilliant, or is it too niche to succeed?

Take Photos About Things as Opposed Just ‘Of’ Things

It might seem like innocuous, vague advice at first, but it's not. Photography is a difficult craft to stand out in, partially through the depth of the subject, but more down to the sheer number of people taking photographs. This advice can help you on that front.

5 Steps to Make a Flat Background Look Realistic

If you can create convincing composites in post-productions, the range of final images you can create from a single shoot increases exponentially. In this tutorial, find out how to put your subject on a background and have it look realistic.

How to Set Up Sony Cameras for Great Looking Slow Motion Video

Slow motion is one of the most common and powerful techniques in videography, but it has a few elements to it that can be tricky to get right without some prior knowledge. In this video, get a brilliant beginner's tutorial on how to get your Sony camera setup for slow motion footage.

For Seascapes, One Setting Can Make or Break the Shot

Seascapes can be beautiful and it's almost impossible to shoot the same image twice, so the genre can keep pulling you back in. However, one setting almost rules them all when it comes to the final image; get it wrong and you can leave with nothing.

3 Techniques for Creating Amazing Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs can be a great and unique medium for showing your work, but they are tricky to get right, particularly if you want a seamless loop. In this tutorial, learn three different techniques for creating the best looking cinemagraphs you can.

What About Photography Hooked You? What Gripped Me Is Unusual

After nearly 15 years of being a photographer — or rather, actively practicing the craft — I had a sudden realization as to what drew me into photography in the first place. It may not be the most common attraction, but I doubt I am alone.

A Filmmaker's Review of the Apple iPhone 13 and Its Cinematic Mode

The video specs, both software and hardware, of the new iPhone have caused a bit of a stir as we have seen some impressive upgrades. It is clearly gearing more towards, if not professional videographers, then professional quality and features. But, how good is it really?

Genius, Madness, and Obsession: How the Instant Camera Was Invented

You could be forgiven for believing that the requirement for instant gratification is a rather new affliction. However, it's more likely that swift results were gated behind technology and that the few inventions that provided it were well placed for unprecedented success, like the instant camera.

7 Simple Tips for Creating More Impactful Photographs

There is nothing worse than seeing an attractive scene, creating a photograph of it, and then when you sit down at your computer, you realize it's boring. This can be the result of a number of mistakes and this video offers seven actionable tips to make sure your images grab viewers' attention.

How to Save a Terribly Lit Portrait in Adobe Lightroom

We have all taken a shot where the flash didn't fire, we didn't have any lighting for a sudden moment, or we just made a mistake. If the image is particularly nice in other regards, it can be disappointing. So, here's how you can save portraits that aren't well lit using Adobe Lightroom.

A Better Way to Increase the Dynamic Range of Your Final Image

As improved as dynamic range is in modern cameras, there are plenty of instances in which you will not able to easily capture full coverage of shadows to highlights. In this video, learn a complete workflow for improving the dynamic range of those high-contrast images.