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5 Tips for Making YouTube Videos Faster

Creating video content can be so time-consuming that it is off-putting for people starting out on platforms like YouTube. In this video, and experienced videographer and YouTuber, Sidney Diongzon, goes through five tips to help speed up and smooth out your workflow.

One Truth of Photography That Catches Beginners Out

Some of photography is intuitive, some of it requires some understanding, and then there are quirks of the craft that can catch you out completely. This particular truth of photography is counter-intuitive and can be frustrating too.

The Worst Things I Have Bought as a Photographer

I have no doubts that we have all forked out some of our hard-earned Benjamins on something completely regrettable, as I certainly have. Over the years, I have made some questionable purchases, and here are the worst.

Learn From a Master: Analysis of Joel Meyerowtiz's Street Photography

There are photographers that are so masterful in their creation of images that they are worth studying in the hope you can siphon off some of their brilliance. In this video, watch as some of Joel Meyerowitz's legendary street photography is broken down and analyzed.

How to Give Your Videos a Filmic Look With Color Grading

There are many ways to edit your videos and images, but one lasting method is in fact just to mimic the past. In this video, watch how one videographer color grades his work to get that vintage feel without sacrificing quality.

One Photographer's Five-Day Mission for an Elusive Photo

One photographer has been chasing a particular shot for a number of years, and in this video, watch behind the scenes as he spends a week trying to get it just right in the United Kingdom's Peak District.

7 Reasons Why Photography Is Great for You: Some Well-Needed Positivity

The last 18 months have been a brutal procession of adversity and change, to the point where I have to limit how much news I read for my own mental health. In a similar vein to the Reddit sub, /r/eyebleach, here are seven reasons why photography is a great hobby to have.

How to Create a Hologram Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the deepest pieces of software in our industry and mastery of it is all but impossible. In this tutorial, learn how to create a convincing hologram effect for some creative edits of your images.

8 Camera Hacks for Landscape Photography That Actually Work

So many tips and tricks for photography are either ineffective, highly niche, or flat-out untrue. Nevertheless, there are still some brilliant tricks that can improve your workflow, and here are eight of them.

How to Make a DIY Overhead Light for Dramatic and Cinematic Scenes

You don't have to spend a fortune to have great-looking lighting in your images and videos, you just need to know what sort of light you want and how to create it. In this video, learn how to put together a DIY overhead light, perfect for dramatic scenes.

How to Set Up Basic but Effective Headshot Lighting

Lighting for portraiture doesn't need to be complicated or involved an arsenal of lights. If you know how to use just one key light effectively and how to control it, you can create excellent, corporate headshots for your friends and for clients.

The Greatest Mindset Shift I've Had as a Photographer

Self-improvement is paramount to success and a well-rounded, happy life, at least in my eyes. I am always looking for ways I can change for the better and learn, but the older I get, the more I realize that one change mattered more than most.

How To Get an Incredible SSD for Video Editing for Less Money

High-end Solid State hard drives (SSDs) have all but replaced the traditional spinning drives, but for the best SSDs, you're going to have to spend a fair amount. In this short video, learn how to easily create your own which will outperform many on the market.

How to Remove Harsh Shadows and Highlights in Photoshop

Strong, direct sunlight can be a real pain when you have to shoot at certain times of the day. Here is a video that will walk you through how to remove the ill effects of such bright natural light, without having to spend hours dodging and burning.

10 Must-Have Apps for Filmmakers

There is often talk about how great smartphone cameras are now — and I'm one of the people saying it — but with modern apps, they are so much more than their camera for photographers. Here are 10 apps that can improve and aid your videography.