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David J. Fulde
Toronto, ON, CA

Articles written by David J. Fulde

How I Shot This Self Portrait With Natural Light

Most of my portraiture work is known for two things, lots of color and using strobes. I love self portraits to try out new techniques; it's actually how I got myself started in photography, so for this self portrait I wanted to go in a totally different direction and take a shot with natural light and push it as far as I could.

Are You a Photo Snob?

In the quest to become a professional photographer, it is really easy to come to the conclusion that anything we shoot from that point forward must be for our portfolio and must be within our lane. This line of thinking can quickly lead to photography burnout and losing our love for the art/practice/business.

What Is Color, and How Does It Work in a Camera?

Color is complicated and incredibly important to what we do as photographers. Even if we shoot in black and white, we have to know how colors will be rendered by our film/sensor in order to create contrast. Let's dive into the technical details of what color is and how cameras capture it.

Using Relative Color to Improve Your Photography

White balance is drilled into our head as a particularly technical thing to adjust in our photography and not really something we can use creatively beyond "Warmer or cooler" but there are so many creative possibilities out there.