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David J. Fulde
Toronto, ON, CA

Articles written by David J. Fulde

Get Precise Control of Your Light With Cinefoil

A lot of my work has light placed in very precise spots, just over the eyes, or the lips, or just on one spot on the face. I often get asked how I do it, and instead of just saying the product, I thought I should go more in depth and talk about the ins and outs of how to get the most out of Cinefoil.

Why Photographers Don't Get Paid

Making money in photography is hard — even harder when companies ask you to do work for free that they are profiting off of, and we say yes for the exposure/connections.

Automatic Photo Editor PhotoWorks: A Refreshing Change in the Age of Subscriptions

Photographers nowadays have plenty of tools at our fingertips: Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop, etc. However, all of these are either expensive, complicated, or have recurring payments (or all three). The automatic photo editor PhotoWorks is here to change that, targeting the photographer who isn't quite tech-savvy with layers, warping, and such, but wants a bit more "oomph" to their photos.

Getting Your Foot in the Door With Modelling Agencies

A nice portrait is made up of four elements: composition, lighting, post-processing, and subject. The first three are easy to learn about and improve on your own, but after annoying your friends and family and getting sick of Facebook and Instagram, how do you improve?

How I Shot This Fashion Editorial on 6x7 Film With Speedlights

I love shooting film, it's not always the best choice, but the idea that I am forced to slow down and really be sure I like my frame before I hit the shutter overall makes me shoot more efficiently, reduce the amount of culling at the end of the shoot (which is my least favorite part of any photoshoot to be honest), and with shooting with 6x7 I can get a very specific look that is hard to replicate with smaller sensors, for better and worse.

Using Vintage lenses on the Fuji X-T3

Lenses are expensive: things like autofocus, modern coatings, and even just the fact that you're buying something new all contribute to the price. When it comes to saving money, vintage lenses are often a fantastic option, generally coming with unique looks that are difficult if not impossible to recreate in post.

One (Cheap) Purchase That Can Make the Biggest Impact on Your Photography

It's incredibly common to see any marketing campaign talk about how some accessory or lens is "life changing" and will bring your photography to the next level. And then you buy it and inevitably realize that it is your own ability that is holding you back. But there is something you can buy, multiple somethings actually, that will honestly help make you a better photographer.

Mastering Single Light Photography

Knowing how to get a lot of different looks from one light is an integral skill to have as a photographer and this video from The Creative Contrast shows us all four simple setups to quickly get a bunch of different photos to build out a model's portfolio