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David J. Fulde
Toronto, ON, CA

Articles written by David J. Fulde

Building a Camera Lens From Scratch

Making a camera is difficult. But making a camera from scratch, without the help of a laboratory, a whole team of engineers, and needing to source all of the raw elements yourself is nearly impossible.

Standing Out With Photography Work You Care About (Or, Don't Rush to Find a Style)

Every few months I find myself reflecting on my work and career, about where I want it to go and how I want to position myself as a photographer. When I'm doing “work” photography I find that I'm really one among thousands of photographers. So lately I’ve been pondering things like “what do I really care about?” that I can show off through photography that other photographers don't, or can't. What do I have that other's don't?

How to Make Your Own Canvas Backdrops

Canvas backdrops are seen all over the world in magazines, online, and fine art prints. You see celebrities and politicians photographed in front of them all the time. However, they are extremely expensive, ranging anywhere from $400 to over $8,000 depending on the exact brand (if you can find a price for them at all).

We Need to Be Better as Photographers

Some photographers in Toronto, ON have used the ever-popular colored smoke grenades for some sort of video/photoshoot, leaving behind a deep red stain on a beautiful marble archway, and were even careless enough to simply leave behind the grenade instead of taking it with them, which brings me to my point: we need to be better.

Passively Back-Up Your Finished Images To The Cloud

With 2018 winding down to a close, it's time to start thinking about what to do with all of those wondrous images we've created. Storing them on a hard drive is difficult, because if the hard drive gets lost — so do your photos. The New Year is a perfect time to re-organize your life, do some cleaning, and keep your photos safe!

Can Ektachrome Save Film Photography?

In 2018, Kodak followed up a surprising announcement and released their beloved Ektachrome film, an E-6 slide film that was a favorite for National Geographic, Playboy, and even NASA. In this video by ex-Digital-Rev Host Ian Wong, we get a bit of history, a bit of strangeness, and a lot of really great information.

A Breakdown of the Many Camera Models of the Fujifilm X-Series

Fujifilm is known for many things: great cameras at better prices, gorgeous film simulations, and having a lot of very similar but distinct cameras. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming about what is similar or different between models, so I thought I would put together this resource to break it down so you can be sure to get the best camera for your own personal use.

The Basics of How to Shoot Video to Make More Money

As photographers, it is often incredibly simple to just stay in your safe lane and stick to photos. I know people that have been photographing for years and never once touched the video function on their DSLR. They are intimidated by it. But adding video to your marketable skills is far simpler than you may think, and with today’s rapidly changing landscape, it’s an incredible tool to add to your repertoire.