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Three Techniques to Become an Unstoppable Creative Force

It's often that us photographers can find ourselves stuck in a rut, looking up at other creatives and wondering where they get their ideas from and just thinking that some people have it, and some people don't. That little voice in our heads can really be detrimental to our self-confidence and reflect in our work.

Ten of the Sharpest Full Frame Lenses Under $1,400

When it comes to lenses, there always seems to be a balancing act between sharpness and cost. It’s really tough to find that tipping point; thankfully, you don’t have to. YouTuber Christopher Frost does some of my favorite lens testing out there, and he has put together his top ten list of the sharpest lenses under $1,400.

Get Into the Mood for Deals With These B&H Specials!

Winter is rolling in, turkeys have been cooked. What a great time to take advantage of some great deals at B&H. A popular favorite among photographers for their fantastic store-front both online and in New York, they are back again with some incredible deals on cameras, laptops, lenses, and even microphones! Everything you need to add to your arsenal!

Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony Go Head to Head in This Color Science Battle

Color science is something that pops up in camera debates from time to time. We all hear about how amazing Canon's colors are or maybe a little bit of smack talk towards Sony's color rendition, etc. Tony Northrup recently decided to apply the scientific method to the big four camera brands (Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony) to see who really has the best color, and the results honestly surprised me a lot.

How the Miraculous Power of Spite Can Improve Your Photography

When someone asks me how long I’ve been doing photography, it’s a complicated question. I worked in the film industry for years and still do. Many of those concepts and techniques are directly translatable — composition, exposure, color, etc. I fooled around with photos, but I didn’t really start photography, putting my life on a whole new path, until someone told me not to.

Crazy Deal on the HP ZBook at B&H

With Apple's MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and even the iPad Pro freshly updated, you can be sure other manufacturers are going to be trying their best to pry your eyes away from Apple's new toys and getting deals ready for their own. Today, we can see that's already happening with the HP ZBook 14" 2-in-1 with pen for up to $700 off!

Fujifilm X-T3 Crop Mode: Known Bug in Capture One

If you are like me and have gotten the chance to either purchase or play with a Fujifilm X-T3 recently, you may be excited to try out the new crop mode for 30 frames per second or the new sport-finder feature. Unfortunately, if you are a Capture One user, there is currently a known bug when using these cropped modes.

Beginning to End Look into the Creation of a Drag Queen Portrait

When taking a portrait of an artist, I find it is always a good idea to try and tell the story of the artist through the image. If someone is a musician, the aesthetic of a photograph should help you understand the type of music they play. Similarly, if someone is a drag queen – I try to photograph them in a way viewers can instantly ‘get’ their character. Join me behind the scenes in photographing Mango Sassi, a Drag Queen from Toronto, ON, and have a look into what it can take to create a collaborative image!