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James Madison
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Articles written by James Madison

It’s About Time You Started Shooting Film

Film photography has been enjoying a strong revival in the last few years. If you’ve yet to try it, it’s about time you jump on the film photography bandwagon.

An Initial Review of the Leica M10-R

The Leica M10-R is soon to be released and boasts impressive camera features. This video review from a predominantly film photographer offers a unique perspective on a full frame, mirrorless rangefinder camera that promises to satisfy even the strictest of photographer's specifications.

Super Compact and Medium Format? Why Not?

For those interested in a extremely compact medium format camera that shoots the most iconic format, 6x6, the Zeiss Super Ikonta 534/16 is here for you.

There Are More Options for Film Stocks Than You Think

For those that are just getting into film, the “film look” doesn’t mean anything. There are so many different film stocks available, each with their own characteristics and personalities.