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How to Take Top-Down Portraits

When done in a certain way, photographing your subject from above can result in unique and sometimes gravity-defying results. Check out this tutorial, which you can try at home with some basic equipment.

Interview With a Professional Landscape and Travel Photographer

Tom Archer has been able to turn his passion for travel and the outdoors into a full-time career. In this video, he discusses his professional journey and the things that shaped his photographic style — sharing some quality tips along the way.

How to Shoot a Classy Looking Whisky Image With a Simple Setup

Beverage photography is its own genre within the commercial world and some photographers specialize even further by photographing liquor bottles. This is a great tutorial for someone who wants to try their hand at photographing an attractive whisky bottle and beverage, with an affordable setup.

Videographer Builds a 'Spinning Rig of Death' Out of Robots So He Can Get This Crazy Shot

We've posted some of his behind the scenes videos on here before, because this director's innovative use of technology to film some of the most visually appealing commercial videos to ever hit our screens is unparalleled. Here he is, explaining how he used his robots to make a mind-bending shot of a slice of lime falling into a glass.

3 Tips on How to Gain More Organic Followers on Instagram Reels

Instagram's answer to TikTok, Reels, follows a trend by parent company, Facebook, to clone the competition's product in the hopes of eating their followers. And as with all new platform releases, the organic reach is incredible at the moment — here's how you can capitalize.

A Deep Dive Into Photoshop's Adjustment Layers

Photoshop's core adjustment layers are diverse and powerful, but are you using them to their full potential? I'm going to bet that you're not; check out this video to find out why.

Should You Manipulate Your Landscape Images?

Photo editing software has granted us powers that were beyond our imaginations a little over a decade ago. No matter how much try to "fix it in post" though, bad light is bad light — let me elaborate.

How to Replicate Natural Light With Flash

For many photographic applications natural light is almost always preferable — the only problem is, oftentimes the quality of that natural light is either too harsh or too diffused. This tutorial discusses the conditions for good natural light, and how you can reproduce it using some inexpensive equipment.

Can You Make Decent Money Editing Photos or Videos on Fiverr?

To save you some time, you probably won't make decent money editing photos on Fiverr; however, if you have some experience editing videos, then you could start bringing in some extra cash every month. This video shows you exactly how it's done.

How to Effectively Remove Logos and Branding From Surfaces in Photoshop

Logos and branding on products in photographs can be unnecessary distractions, or depending on how an image is being used, their visibility could possibly be infringing on a brand's copyright. Avoid these situations by learning how to remove them using Photoshop.

Improve Your Bird Photography With These Five Tips

Photographing birds is probably most peoples' introduction to wildlife photography — they're ubiquitous and numerous but getting a decent shot might be harder than you think. This professional bird photographer offers some great tips to get you started.

Tired of all This Canon Talk? Have a Look Inside This Fuji Shooter's Camera Bag

With all the buzz around the big three brands — Canon, Nikon, and Sony — it's easy to forget the smaller players out there. Despite the hype around Canon's latest amazing, yet flawed offerings, the Fuji system is still a great system, so if you have big-three fatigue and want a different perspective, watch this video.