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Will Canon's R5 Pass the Cripple Hammer Test?

With the development announcement for Canon's next mirrorless camera, the R5, many are debating whether or not this will be the company's attempt to usurp the mirrorless throne. Of course, Sony has been the mirrorless king for the last few years now, but will the R5 withstand the legendary might of the Canon Cripple Hammer?

Photographing Forests and Processing in Lightroom for A Dramatic Mood

In certain parts of the world, specifically parts of Europe and the Pacific Northwest in the USA, gloomy weather is quite often the rule rather than the exception. In this video, we learn how to use these conditions to our advantage while out photographing forests, and also how to bring out a dark, moody feel from the raw files in Lightroom.

Process Versus Results: Which Is More Important to You?

Some photographers love the meditative process of film photography: it's tactile, immersive, and for some, evocative. However, there are those among us who put this traditional practice on a pedestal, claiming that it is the only true form of photography. But as long you get the image that you want, does the process really matter?

How to Photograph a Clear Bottle With Only Two Strobes

Some photographers make a good living out of specializing in beverage photography, but many of these pros — who generously share their techniques on YouTube — do so using the best of equipment, so it might seem a little intimidating for a beginner. If you're curious about how to get professional-looking product images using some basic equipment, however, look no further than this tutorial.

Get This Free Pack of Dynamic Video Transitions for Davinci Resolve

After getting familiar with the general interface of your chosen video editing software, and perhaps after your first few simple edits, the next step for most aspiring editors or YouTube creators might be to start learning a few fancy transitions to flex those creative muscles and spice up your new videos. This YouTuber has just made your lives a little easier.

How to Light an Interview for a Dark and Dramatic Look

Shooting interviews is the bread and butter for a lot of videographers, especially those who work in the commercial sector, from in-house corporate communications and internal marketing, to brand awareness and customer testimonials. Most of these setups would require high-key or fairly neutral lighting styles, but what if the client needed more drama?

Wildlife Filmmaker Has a Close Call With a Leopard

One way to increase your chances of getting a good wildlife image is to carry out a thorough overview of a potential area. That's why having a solid understanding of the subject's behavior is so important. Sometimes, though, even the most seasoned wildlife veteran can get caught off guard, as this incredibly lucky gentleman was reminded.

Videographer Explains How to Mask Jump-Cuts While Recording and in Post

Anyone who frequently views talking-head style YouTube videos/vlogs will often notice the jump-cut style of editing that many creators employ in order to cut out mistakes like dropping something, long pauses, or word salads. When videos with mistakes are edited without much care or thought, they end up being quite jarring if not downright frustrating to watch. So, if you're a creator who wants to mask a jump-cut as best as possible, what should you do?

Misconceptions Around the Zoom Versus Prime Lens Debate

After we graduate from the complete beginner phase of our photography journey and as we start to ask the important questions like "which camera should I buy next," we invariably land on a discussion thread or Fstoppers article lampooning the plebeian zoom lens over its rival prime. "Move with your feet, you lazy so and so" and "look how light my backpack is," cry the baying mob as you hang your not-so-sharp head in shame. But, not all is as it seems.

Liven Up Your Portfolio With Some Sexy Ink Shots

Ink photography is a common technique and/or style employed by some photographers — mainly those who specialize in photographing products — that not only adds an extra splash of color to an image, but also texture, movement, and an element of fantasy.